Sat Chit Anand!

"Arushi Ahuja"

The three essence of life-
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Taken from Manav Seva Sangh!
Atma, Parmatma and Jivatma,*
Defining the universe in a trice!

Sometimes in the literature when they try to define
God and His nature they say only three Lines
     Sat- The only existing Truth
         Chit- The consciousness within,
              Anand- The eternal unending Love....

We have always been three,
my father, mother and me,
Became the double after my union with thee!

Atma- आत्मा  meaning soul.
Parmatma- परमात्मा  meaning God!
Jivatma- जीवात्मा meaning collective union of all souls in the universe! 

the imaginary garden with real toads
This poem is written for a prompt given by Mama Zen at The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. To create a poem of 90 words or less with the number 'three'!


  1. I love the idea of mother, father and child "doubling" into three. ;-)

  2. This is a very interesting definition of spirituality, and I like how you personalized it in the final stanza.

  3. Thank you, Arushi, for explaining the "Atma, Parmatma and Jivatma [those three]." I was going to Google them until I got to the bottom here. It reads nice, I like the thought, "father, mother and me [us three]."
    BTW, my children and grandkids have been attending the All Souls Church in London. It is jam packed every Sunday morning, at least for the many services we have attended.

    1. thats very inspiring Jim to hear about your grandkids... thanks for reading through!! hindu scriptures give a vast explanation of how all of us are equals by the means of these three entities only... its a huge topic of discussoin!! :)

  4. yes, very cool ~

  5. I like this very much. Spiritual and personal.

  6. an indeed beautiful response to the prompt, luv the divine essence projected in your poem

    much love...

  7. A welcoming sort of poem--that's how it feels: here's the essence, here's God, welcome to my family. I hate when tweety bird sits on what I'm reading and writing, but in the spirit of your poem I will welcome it too.

    1. Im sry about the tweety but I like her too much... ill def think ill get over her soon too tho... thanx for reading tho... im glad you njoid it...

  8. Beautiful - all the most important things!

  9. Numbers in religion often have many "hidden' meanings - I have always found that fascinating.

    1. Some people do believe that numbers make religions in many ways...

  10. Thank you for bringing these words to us and their meanings...they resonate with truth for me!! Beautifully expressed. ♥

  11. Thank u hannah!! m glad you njoid!!


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