Rest In Peace.

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To rest under the heaps of earth cast by my very own,
A tear awakened the dying seed into a ponderous flower,
The weight of many a years hurled gently on my coffin,
And now I can finally rest in a wholesome heavenly bliss!

To rest under the salty waves of the beautiful blue sea,
Tossed aboard by my sweet children when I could no more be.
To be nibbled by the colourful fishes scaling across the oceans,
To wonder the deep mysterious seas and finally ride the currents...

To rest upon a pile of firewoods stacked neatly below me,
To be put alight by my very own son in tears and weary.
To rise up to the open skies like a furious dancing flame,
Finally flying free from all the burdens, fears and blames!

To finally rest in peace wherever I may be,
Tired from a long journey through unexpected realms,
To not breathe and not move, and not think anymore,
To not be scared or sad neither happy nor sore!
To just be,


Inspired by Eugenio Montale's poem "To Rest In The Shade" at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!
Also shared with Poet's United for Poetry Pantry!

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Cookie Theif

Wonderland in Dubai!
"Did you steal the cookies again?"
My mother furrowed her brows,
That in itself scared me and I lied-
Shaking my head in denial,
My mouth stuffed with one too many,
And a few in my hands behind my back,
As many a soft little plump hand can carry!
My mouth littered with sprinkles 
And the whiff of chocolate around,
I gulped and swallowed one aloud!
She crossed her arms standing tall,
Scary and beautiful much like my doll,
I gaped at her as she pierced me with her eyes,
Waiting for me to give away the lies...
I think she got tired and took me to bed,
Where I ate the rest of cookies till I slept!


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Broken Yet Mended!

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I sat at the end of the hall,
My seat rising a little above all,
And it all started with the tap of my feet,
The involuntary ripple in my fingers,
As they play along the music on my knees,
And my shoes clicked on the timber!

And I closed my eyes as the acoustics rose,
And echoed across the hall,
Crisscrossing in many a random forms,
Departing the stage from wall to wall!
And images of unfathomed depths,
Arose in my puzzling mind,
Rising from forgotten past,
Of what was long left behind!
Or created from imagined future,
Beautiful, benign, rich and lustrous,
Deceiving the reality,
Raising hopeless hope within me!
And lost I was in the depths of mind,
Furtively changing yet sublime,
Watching her live, feeling her death,
Laughing her joys, sorrows bereft!
Dancing to her songs, her wishes on my eyes,
Wondering along, lost in her denies,
Trusting her grasp, sensing her closeness,
Sharing her tears in the ultimate oneness.
As the music rose happy and joyful,
My eyes were wet an sorrowful...

The music stopped, the echoes ended,
The lights turned on and I was mended!


Written for Midweek Motif at Poets United!

~Of Poseidon~

Adorned in a peaceful breeze,
Brimming with wishful sighs,
Reaching out ever so close,
And yet speeding farther away,
Carrying along the empty bottle,
With a wishful note inside,
Of someone's love and life,
Of a sailor's beautiful wife!
And the waves rise and fall,
With heartfelt song of the wind,
And the sea gull skims the water,
With hopes on her wings!

And the rise in anger and wrath,
Above the bewildered mortals,
Praying to escape the scorn,
Of Poseidon's furious assault!

Written for Poetry Jam!


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In a realm of denied truth,
Whizzing past the unreal,
All else failed in it's benign wake,
Nature has made a deal,
To slowly disintegrate,
And fall into nothingness,
To mutilate and fall apart,
In chaotic dizziness,
Whirling in slow motions,
Crisscrossing the random paths,
Unknown and secretively,
Helpless in chaos!

Slowly rising it may seem,
But only to fall,
For what started with evolution,
Must end after all!

Whizzing past the unreal,
All else has failed,
In the realm of denied truth,
Nature has bailed!

Written for Open Link Monday at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!


Couldn't find the painter name! Tried Google :(

In the valley of sounds lies a music undefined,
Crude and momentous, in rhythms unrefined,
Of lyrics unspoken and never yet heard,
Vibrating in silence, the chords severed, 
Flaming with passion to rise and swell,
And dying altogether in the endless well,
Floating on wings of beautiful beasts,
And loosing control overwhelmed by the breeze,
And spiralling down ever so uncontrollably,
Fearing the abyss of discordant infinity,
And trying to reach out to the composer's soul,
Hoping hopelessly to be renewed and whole! 


Also shared with MindLoveMisery's Fairytale Prompt!