Rest In Peace.

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To rest under the heaps of earth cast by my very own,
A tear awakened the dying seed into a ponderous flower,
The weight of many a years hurled gently on my coffin,
And now I can finally rest in a wholesome heavenly bliss!

To rest under the salty waves of the beautiful blue sea,
Tossed aboard by my sweet children when I could no more be.
To be nibbled by the colourful fishes scaling across the oceans,
To wonder the deep mysterious seas and finally ride the currents...

To rest upon a pile of firewoods stacked neatly below me,
To be put alight by my very own son in tears and weary.
To rise up to the open skies like a furious dancing flame,
Finally flying free from all the burdens, fears and blames!

To finally rest in peace wherever I may be,
Tired from a long journey through unexpected realms,
To not breathe and not move, and not think anymore,
To not be scared or sad neither happy nor sore!
To just be,


Inspired by Eugenio Montale's poem "To Rest In The Shade" at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!
Also shared with Poet's United for Poetry Pantry!

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. Just amazing and really" death' is not the ending, it is the beginning of new freedom!!

  2. I specially admire your opening verses, to rest upon the earth, peaceful at last ~ To just be free from all the burdens looks like a good passage from life to another kind of life ~

    Thanks for participating Arushi and wishing you happy weekend ~

  3. Nice. I really enjoyed reading this. It makes death be the beginning of something else, as all things are.

  4. Amazing images of burial and peace, to rest--to finally rest. My impression is of a Mother who has never had a day off, how she is released more beautifully than life itself.

  5. Such colorful beautiful writing...I love how the opening starts similar to the piece I shared...speaking of a seed. :)

  6. the idea of death as a doorway to freedom is built up through various faiths...the last few lines add joy to the thought of well written Arushi :)

  7. So many ways of burying...sadness for those left behind...but so true that at last the deceased is free. Lovely presentation here, Arushi.

  8. An end is never really an end.. and just maybe to be nibbled by fish is the bliss of an end.. to some extent it's like going to sleep

  9. i would love to have my ash buried by a tree and give some nourishment as it is growing... smiles

  10. I resonate with this view of death as flying free, especially apt from a woman who flies the skies in her earthly life. Cool write, Arushi!

  11. it is nice to finally arrive in that place of peace...and rest....
    after a long journey...

    good to see you

  12. Love your idea of death being doorway to freedom...and I think, eternal peace too... :-)

  13. I like the perspective of your poem, someone who is already dead reflecting on death. There is sadness but also expectation in your words.

  14. Oh my, I love every bit of this!!

  15. Hi, I have tagged you in my post Diary Confessions - 8 for BlogAdda #WillYouShave activity. I hope you will accept it.

  16. Beautiful piece.
    Enjoyed reading this :)

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