A Rather Gibberish Poem!

"Arushi Ahuja"
A view of Dubai city from my windsheild....
Starts with the rumble of trains,
Roaring past in metal tracks,
In a hurry to reach some land far beyond.
Growing louder and louder and
Ever so loud...
Ear piercing whistles reach above
To a God, a miracle, a wispy wish,
Then twist in rather unearthly swish....
Of several cries and several hearts 
Some reach beyond the start....

Written for Tale Weaver's prompt at MindLoveMisery!


  1. What a beautiful picture, it looks almost like a painting rather than a photograph. And your poem is magical.
    I wrote an unusual little slice of life (the character's, not mine) based on the prompt.

  2. Hi Arushi this is a lovely take on this prompt. I imagined there would be a variety of responses. I thought your photo was excellent too. Well done.

    1. Thank you Michaelt.... I really enjoyed this....


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