On a Mountain!

"Arushi Ahuja"
I hiked upon the mountains old,
the random trails,
Went hiking on a random trail in Shimla (India).
Found a wild strawberry feild!
the pebbled roads...

Many a monk have walked this way
Seeking the answers to Life
and Love from far far away...

Of timber and of whispering trees,
I walk and walk until my knees
crackle like the dry leaves...

For shadows over the rugged edge,
The dense foliage in the heart
of the forest on mountain I trudge.

Water from the virgin brook,
I hike on in my worn out shoes,
tattered shirt, scraped jeans, hardened look!

Posted for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai on Hiking!


  1. I think I was around ten when I almost got lost. I've never been good with directions. :)
    I'm visiting and away from home at the moment. I just walked on a local trail this afternoon and spotted an orange tree full of fruit that I hadn't spotted before. Thank you for your kind comments on my post on hiking.

    Continued success on all of your adventures in life.

    1. thank u jules... it was a pleasure reading yours!!

  2. Sincere, direct, and lovely description.

  3. I really liked the "dense foliage in the heart" :)

  4. Really enjoyed the mood in your haiku. Picturesque...very! :)

  5. Although it's not haiku, your poem captures the excitement and invigoration to be had from hiking.

    Shadowy Hike

  6. Arushi, I used to hate hiking; then, someone else's poem (I think it was Sherry Blue Sky) encouraged me to try again. What a blessing, to be among the ancient-growth trees, which tower above us, so wise... Also, the poem starts out quite idyllic, but that last phrase, "hardened look," tells me there is a reason for this hike... and you will be smililng on the way out!
    Thanks so much for visiting me. Sorry it took so long to get back. Great blog! Peace, Amy

    1. Thank yu amy... ive always loved hiking tho... it makes me soo happy... I loved ur blog...

  7. A picture emerged in front of my eyes as I go through the lines.. nicely penned... :-)


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