City Lights!

"Arushi Ahuja"
A glimpse of Sharjah Corniche after sunset!
The city lights dimmed as winter swelled,

the nights grew longer,          

a waft of salty smell      

from the sea spread as the southern winds

were stronger !                            

She snuggled in her bed       

inhalers in her pocket,    

fiddling with her locket.

the imaginary garden with real toads
This is my effort to make a Herrick's Stanza  for
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
at Play It Again where we can do a past challenge and I did the
  Sunday Mini Challenge
I hadn't tried before!!

A cup of hot coffee, a storybook in hand,

a soothing calm memory of him.   

Her thoughts were random     

but full of his curious whim...  

she read                                               

the same text till she slept on his bed,  

calm and serene                     

in his silent dreams...     


  1. This sounds like such a cozy get away, both physically and mentally...lovely work on the form!! :)

  2. It left me feeling snug and comforted too.

  3. Very nice - reminds me in mood of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia too.

  4. That second stanza indicates a solitude only a big city can give. Only in the prescience of many sleeping souls can you feel yourself.

    1. true after a long day of hustle bustle can only one realise the comfort of a warm bed!!

  5. I like that tinge of sadness....of missing someone..lovely write

  6. the "inhalers" line suggests something other than comfort to me... pining? interesting.

    1. I always hav my inhaler around in winter... so mayb thats what... :)

  7. A beautiful getaway in thought and words....yet like Marian I feel there is a bit of pain...lovely piece!

  8. You mentioned that you were unsure whether you had remained true to form - unfortunately the position of your picture has pushed the text to the side where your line breaks become unclear.
    The subject of your poem seems very personal and yet is one we may relate to.

    1. Actually kerry theline break is quite clear on the laptop but in mobile devices I realised the picture does distort it... but thank u

  9. Pretty sensuous writing today Arushi. :)
    I wonder if she could feel the texture of his sheets? This was exciting!

  10. A moment made lovely by temperament and safety.

  11. I like that ending, there is calmness & soothing warmth, a contrast to swelling winter outside ~

    1. Thank u Heaven... what a beautiful name yu have


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