Skin Deep...

"Arushi Ahuja"
Marcela Bolivar.

Wilted passions, frozen dreams,
Masked in the sizzling shadow of,
A fearsome beauty, hazel streaks,
Withering within, smiles above!

Compelled to fleeting false glamour
Falling prey to people so vain,
Feeling like a sun and soil Goddess,
Not feeling the pain within!

Abrasive words dying in a heartbeat,
Rude insolent childish manner,
Wanting more than she ever needs,
Good hearts, loved ones all scatter...

Alone, beautiful, wild and sad,
Tantrums of a rich ignorant feline,
Heart bleeding deep, earthy red,
Beauty bewitiching, skin deep divine! 

Written for MindLoveMisery's Mercury and Ashes!


  1. beautiful,poignant poem loved it

  2. Wonderful title and I love the poem....

  3. Beauty has its own kind of hell...beautiful piece!

  4. The portrait you've painted is a vivid one, gorgeous work

  5. You captured the true essence of the picture. Beautiful indeed, but I don't think she's happy.
    I'm visiting from the Mindlovemisery's Menagerie prompt. My co-author and I created this piece.

    1. Her masked self is probably... I dint think shes happy either... but she dosent feel her own pain either... I dint really know how to xpress dat..

  6. This is a lovely portrait of the image Arushi. I thought you delved into her character in very vivid terms.I loved the line 'Tantrums of the rich ignorant feline'. This is one of the best i have read of yours Arushi, well done.

  7. The mask which is so evocative is inspiring ... you've painted an interesting word potrait. Very enjoyable.


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