Ancient Forest!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Mom lost in an ancient Forest!

Ceremoniously large and serene,
The ancient pine trees,
Of the enchanted forests,
Some say they can speak...
If you press your ear to the white silken bark,
And relieve yourself from cynics of the heart,
And think of nothing that has yet past,
You shall hear a heartbeat!
Deep and rhythmic yet alive,
In the ancient forest they thrive,
With a million mysteries whispering 
Among the leaves as the wind passes by!
You can hear a song, a groan,
A steady hum that rises alone,
Above the ancient forest divine,
Protecting all that live within,
Passionately and possessively,
And breathing a mysterious symphony!
The music resonates in every bone, 
In every heart and so many tones,
And inside of you it will bring peace,
If only you would be at ease!


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. I would love to walk in the forest full of ancient pine trees and listen to its sounds and mysterious symphony ~ A lovely & peaceful journey ~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads ~ Wishing you happy weekend ~

    1. thank you Grace! it was a pleasure indeed!! :)

  2. What a beautifully poetic idea - to press an ear to the tree trunk and hear its heart beat.

    1. Isnt it? Ive tried it though and just had to imagine a heart beat ... i guess i was not very "not cynical"

  3. Yes, I so agree...a heartbeat and a voice,. Nicely captured and lovely image, too.

  4. The heartbeat of a tree.. I love that idea too.. But also that groan intrigues me.. There is a voice of pain that I really like.

    1. I think they are old maybe thats a pain.. maybe the age makes them grumpy at times!!

  5. So lovely, and it is so true, one can be so at ease if one only stopped to hear their whispering words!

    1. yes Karen forests speak a different language... its really soothing!

  6. the speaking tree has the voice of wisdom...we better listen to it...nicely meditative...

  7. In my tiny woods behind my home i can forget i am only a short walk from concrete...your poem expresses beautifully the joining of one's spirit with beautiful

    1. Your place sounds beautiful susie... i love forests... they bring a sense of joy and peace....

  8. I live .. surrounded by pine forests. Yes, I hear heartbeats. Lovely poem.


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