The Bright Ornate Butterfly...


I stood upon a hill top and my thoughts were still,
A butterfly flew past its bright ornate wings
Caused a slight murmur in the still winter air,
Crushing the silence so melodious to the ear...
And it was then that my thoughts ran wild like a bewildered deer in the vast dry dessert....

I had so far thought I had it all...
A dream fulfilled, not a memory lost!
Expectations lived upto and friends that I prized,
Joys of an explorer, learnings of the wise,
Blessings of a mother and wings to fly,
Riches of a princess and The sparkle in my eye,
All until a bright ornate butterfly fluttered past disturbing the calm of the cloudy winter morning....

For then it so happened that I started to think,
Arousing a hope, a single feeling,
That had laid dead for so long
Somewhere in the corner of my heart,
Something that I just couldn't explain...
I felt a little sad but I mustered my courage
Ready to explore and open the cage,
I still wish I hadn't, I still wish the bright ornate butterfly had never flown past....

And then I thought, and I thought what I was missing,
All in vain because I couldn't think of a thing,
Was it friendship, care, riches of the world,
Or prizes, fame or a consoling word?
Wish to reach the top, or maybe just a hope...
Or be a someone for somebody?
And I still don't know what it would be...
For I thought and I thought, but I couldn't see past the bright ornate butterfly that flew so fast....

And then I dropped my head in frustrated dismay,
And I looked at my feet as a single ray...
A single ray of the sun flooded past,
Cutting the cloudy sky's cast!
And I looked again beneath my feet,
Awed and bewildered shocked to see...
For I stood on a hilltop that glittered like jewels,
And reality hit me hard and fast,
For it was made of shattering glass,
Of shards of brittle crystalline glass!
And the bright ornate butterfly lighted upon my drooping shoulders....

A tear lit the once bright eyes,
And slipped past the chilling cheeks,
And fell upon the cracked hill top,
Struggled awhile to stay close to the feet,
And then it fell away in the chasm...
As I stood still a while and feared the fall...
But it never would have happened if the bright ornate butterfly hadn't flown past....

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  1. hmmm perfect....tu toh mujhse bhi achcha likhti hain....

  2. Awsooooooooooooooome aru :) :)
    mast likhti hai yaar tu toh :) :)
    maza aaya padh kar :) write more often :):)

    and Keep smiling :)

  3. brilliant..loved it..

  4. amazing how beautifully u put ur thoughts into words..can visualize it

  5. Such a pretty poem you have for us today, Arushi. I am glad you retrieved it. I love the 'ups' and 'downs' here that being on the hill and then finding the butterfly could bring. I can identify with many. When younger I used to run, I always wanted to run like a deer and sometimes I felt I was.

    It also reminded me of when my older daughter was six or seven. We were driving through the hills of Arkansas and she cried out, "Dad, stop the car. Stop the car!" She got out, went just off the road to the side of the little mountain, looked across to another and shouted, I don't remember what. She had never heard her echo before but she knew she could there. And she did.

    1. Jim... this is lovely... how do you always have so many beautiful stories to tell... I hardly have any... I love reading them... thank you so much for sharing and stopping by!!

  6. i echo Jim's comments and downs. it flowed well and the butterfly tittilated the air for the next moment


  7. Opportunity can present itself in many different ways but some may disappoint if one gets distracted when it unexpectedly comes along. Brilliant write Arushi!


  8. Loved it...especially because I could visualize everything, it was like the words had life of their own. Well done!

  9. When that butterfly comes we must follow--I think journey comes when we are most ready or most needing it.

    1. When much is to loose one is scared of change Susan! But youre right we must follow..

  10. This is beautiful, tenuous, and sad. The fleeting moment of total contentment and happiness, the sudden realization of how finite all these things are, all within the flap of a butterfly wing.


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