More Longingly Since...

I am a feeling ... one emotion trapped and confined,
By walls huge, strong and well defined...
The reason of the imprisonment is unknown to me,
Either I hurt someone, or am dangerous when free...
Or then again it could be the past and history of others,
Who were brave enough to let me wonder...
And in my prison I awaited for the day when I
Am finally set free to see the world with my eyes...
For many have known to have failed sadly,
The strong, the wise, the foolish, the saintly,
To keep me hidden in towers self made,
Or bind me in chains or kill me with a blade...
But victory is mine for I am a feeling,
One emotion so strong, so appealing...
And known to have won so many battles with the Masters,
I did not think much of the walls or their Creator...
And, much as I expected I saw the leak,
One tiny crack is all that I seek!
I rushed out to take my place in the world,
I looked with my eyes but my vision blurred,
As a stronger Will pushed me back in,
And I have awaited my freedom more longingly since...

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  1. heyy nice one arushi :)
    the thoughts are too deep .. and words are chosen beautifully :)

    Keep writing :D

  2. "I am a feeling ... one emotion trapped and confined"...beautiful

  3. thank you ankit and anonymous( may i plz knw whose this)!!

  4. There is so much to be said about how much we value the things we have to fight for... And you, dear Arushi, say it so well.

  5. You have captured the sense of entrapment and the longing for release very well in these lines.

  6. That feeling of imprisonment, the longing for freedom, is well captured and expressed in your poem.

    1. thank you sherry... so glad to hear from you!!

  7. …I admire the rhyming - especially the "near rhymes".


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