Butterfly Fly Away!! (catch your dreams, now you cant stay)

In a short life span of a few weeks (4 to 5 weeks) she flies in the beautiful and enormous skies willingly, freely, unrestricted and spreads a wishful smile on every face she flutters past in her quest to conquer the unending blue...
She halts not for the passionate lover smitten by the unreasonable Love of a beautiful woman,
Nor for the gentle woman whose love is lost...
She does not wait upon an old lady to listen to her sad long story of life,
She stops not for the winds to be kind to her or the clouds to part in the sky...
The Gods in the skies she fears not , nor the eventual fall,
There is not a thing she leans to and moves on and on...
Those tiny wings flutter restlessly for she knows she has a short life,
A short life in which she must do that which she was born to do...
Fly to the cold North towards the beautiful bright star way up there,
To the hot south among the colorful gypsies in the deserts,
Unknowingly, uncaringly she colors every garden she passes by,
What she will get at the end is yet unknown to her,
But in her heart deep down she knows she'll get whatever she wants the most,
Whatever she wants the most is yet again unknown to her,
But never was it so clear that what she wanted to do NOW was only SPREAD HER WINGS and FLY AWAY... Ah the freedom, the joy of it, no pain and no loss... Just infinite Bliss!!


  1. the butterfly is arushi ahuja

  2. its a question?

  3. you are gifted...seriously!!
    those are some fine literary skills at work..

  4. arushi..ma blog feels shy..u want competion do u?:) u r seriously making me feel ki mein bloging krti hi kyun hoon!lolz..
    ill try rite sm less lame stf in mine..:P

    this one ws really gud.. n even iske neeche wala..nice wwrk..

  5. lol.. suri thnx... but i still do njoi reading ur blog !! u knw dat!! :)
    @bhowmick thanx u knw i love ur gtalk status... u made me feel special really!! :D

  6. amazing....
    while reading i cud imagine d butterfuly as gal who is spreading happiness all over... butterfly is none other than capt arushi!!
    truely arushi u hav an amazing vocab to expresss ur thoughts....
    hope even i cud do the same bt cant evn think of doing dat....
    cant match u evn 1%...

    keep writing....
    luv silky

  7. i cant even right .0001% amazing stufff i am crying out of joyyy........

  8. lol... cry angad!! :P
    thanx silky!! :)


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