The Sunshine Garden


My mother in a corn field taken near New Delhi (my Sunshine)

I sat upon a stool in a garden of corn,
The winter was dawning the summer almost gone,
The ears on full bloom and sunshine yellow,
The garden was bright and beautiful mellow...
The air was rich with the scent of pines,
The falling leaves, the innocent vines...
The breeze swept over the cold water brook,
Carrying the song of a lovesick rook,
The soft patter of water on the white round pebbles,
The delicate delight of the distant dribbles...
The vivid view, the blissful scents,
The single birds passionate laments,
The falling waters softest sound,
Untouched, pure, the virgin bounds...

I played a note on my little black flute,
Short and timid, just a tiny toot,
Anxious of what it may sound there,
Disturbing the harmony of the air...
It blended in like a rich white pearl,
Sits on the bust of a charming girl...
And a song then I played utterly contented,
Incessantly as the notes fitted,
It grew with the lyrics and music undefined,
The rising pitches and chords refined...
And it rose with the breeze of the coming winter,
Overwhelming, persistent sometimes bitter,
It talked of people and their unrelenting search,
For love and care and laughter and mirth!
Of a single mans wishes And his lonely escape,
Of the innumerable riches and all that he craved...
And so the bright mellow garden of corn,
Drowned in the song of a single mans mourn.
The vivid views hazed, the scents blissful no more,
The single birds passionate laments were sour,
The beautiful garden in which I was sitting,
Had no more the virgin beauty worth a shilling...

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  1. freak!! thts jst awesm!!

  2. beautiful words blended with the imagination yaar :) :)

  3. Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

  4. Oh, my goodness... this is divinely beautiful... it captures the beauty and the underlying sorrow in every soul. This has to be among your very best.

    1. Oh, and by the way- your mother is lovely-such a pleasant, happy face.

    2. Thank u george... m so glad yu liked it...

  5. I love the photo of your mother, looking so serene. I enjoyed the mellow description of the garden, and the intriguing second verse describing the downhearted man. An interesting contrast.

  6. A beutiful lament and tribute.. the passing of time so cruel... still there is a softness in is as well...well done.

  7. Arushi, I was following along here and it was so nice, lulling and softly beautiful. I loved the part of the flute. But then the man came along and all the nice things went bust. I really couldn't figure out what happened, I know it wasn't as nice as it first seemed to be.
    BTW, you mom was very pretty in her garden, I really liked the picture too.

    1. Jim... it somehow came from how every joy nd peaceful event in life is followed by some sorrow.. a ripple that changes everything...


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