Broken Yet Mended!

"Arushi Ahuja"
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I sat at the end of the hall,
My seat rising a little above all,
And it all started with the tap of my feet,
The involuntary ripple in my fingers,
As they play along the music on my knees,
And my shoes clicked on the timber!

And I closed my eyes as the acoustics rose,
And echoed across the hall,
Crisscrossing in many a random forms,
Departing the stage from wall to wall!
And images of unfathomed depths,
Arose in my puzzling mind,
Rising from forgotten past,
Of what was long left behind!
Or created from imagined future,
Beautiful, benign, rich and lustrous,
Deceiving the reality,
Raising hopeless hope within me!
And lost I was in the depths of mind,
Furtively changing yet sublime,
Watching her live, feeling her death,
Laughing her joys, sorrows bereft!
Dancing to her songs, her wishes on my eyes,
Wondering along, lost in her denies,
Trusting her grasp, sensing her closeness,
Sharing her tears in the ultimate oneness.
As the music rose happy and joyful,
My eyes were wet an sorrowful...

The music stopped, the echoes ended,
The lights turned on and I was mended!


Written for Midweek Motif at Poets United!


  1. How wonderful! A friend healed me with music once--playing Liszt in a darkened church with echoes, ghosts, lots of emotions.

    1. it really works susan! its amazing process of therapy!

  2. Music can reach places words and images can't maybe because we need to internalise it more...your poem certainly felt like music also

  3. Absolutely glorious. As Jae Rose notes, music reaches in, far deeper than words. At funerals, it is always the music that gets me. I love how your poem soars and travels with the same scope as the music you heard. Wonderful.

  4. Ah, how nice - the influence of music, the melody...indeed music able to heal, uplift and inspire ~ thanks x

  5. How beautifully you describe the flow of music. So glad it had the power to heal you. I think music is one of those things we overlook in healing.

    1. music beautifully heals Myrna... also it is so easy and comforting!

  6. We have perfected the use of music and I wonder whether the howl of a wolf at the moon or the trumpet of an elephant on the Savannah gives pleasures to others of their species.

    1. I dont know about other species but we do... if we just listen to nature and silence a continuous music flows healing and soothing us all the time!

  7. music is everywhere but not melodies- music may sound notes but melodies soothe and heal- very powerful ending...beautifully composed

  8. A beautiful piece - you give music a "thank you" for all she does to sooth and save.


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