The Small Scoops Of Ice-cream...

Candylicious at Dubai Mall, Dubai

There are times when you do not actually know what exactly you want.... Its like you're standing in an ice cream parlor with those beautiful and colorful ice creams displayed in a glass refrigerator and you haven't tried so many flavors, or you have but you've forgotten what they were like, or then again you have but forgotten that you ever had, AND you want to have them all.... But still somewhere inside you there is an anticipation! Of trying the wrong one? Or ending up eating something you had eaten already and had not liked even then? So then you end up with two options...
First, go for your all time favourite chocolate ice cream and enjoy it the way you always do; Or else, try a new flavour victoriously relishing the change (not to mention leaving behind an anticipation for the next time you enter the place), or grudging not having taken the chocolate ice cream after-all...
The decision becomes no simpler by tasting every flavor, rather it becomes a complicated matrix of various flavors mixed and put in your mouth in a matter of a few seconds! Tough job... Very tough...
If that much thought could go in choosing an ice cream flavor what would it be like to make bigger decisions in life.... To choose between two options when life is kind enough to present you with options (silently and wickedly smirking behind your back thinking Buddy your destiny is predefined choose whatever you may, you still get only what I want you to have) and you wish with all your might you were never given any options. And all along you know about the wicked game you're trapped in and you still play along.... You'll challenge it hoping against hope it would make a difference, and its only fair you should.... After-all existence without a fight, a challenge, should be monotonous, boring, hopeless....
And then there are times you end up making a compromise... Times when you still don't know what exactly you want... Times when you choose two half scoops of the most beautiful colors of ice-creams wondering all along what others would have been like!   


  1. oye eat the ice cream :P .. dont worry about the flavor so much :P .. you can always change the flavor next time if you dont like it :) :D
    so try every one of them :)

  2. this one's good stuff..i love it...very deep

  3. wonderfully written , "arushi ahuja from deharadoon"

    the first para is just so so so true . . . .i have felt it so many times . . . .hahahaha. that is so exact.
    its a small decision , but so complicated. choosing an ice cream.
    but it's so different from so called decisions in life. u can't throw money and get another choice.

    i liked this article very much
    keep coming

    and , the design of webpage has come out so nice.

  4. :)thank u rahulll!! dats a lovely compliment i must say!!


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