For You ( A Joke )

Its a thought a vision not explored,
Imagine yourself in another being,
Imagine what it would be like to be in him, 
For just a moment unknown, unseen...

He walks along stone faced unexpressed emotions,
She stands there waiting impatient for her turn,
That old man expressionless awaiting the unseen,
The heart throbbing lady beautiful and vain...

If you were, for just one day or even at that moment,
He, she, him or that exquisite woman,
How drastically your world would change, imagine!
How weird it would be to be them in that moment..

I sit here thinking about unreal things,
What a useless thought or consideration,
Even so it pricks my mind so often,
I could swear to God I could make it happen...

However, I think it would be nice of you,
If you could be me for just a few moments,
And truly understand how I feel now,
Because I can't spell it out...

And you want to know why I can't do that?
Because it makes me look so bad!
I am jealous, vain and high headed,
Sometimes foolish, selfish... there you go I said it...

But when I act like that I feel awful,
I try to explain but I fail often,
Like a foolish joke this poem seems,
And trust me I'd rather have you let it be...

There's no message hidden it's plain blank there,
Still I wish you could just be me,
For a moment, to know how I feel,
I love to be treated like an angel,
I love the thought of having a Prince...

( P.S. I love the thought of having you around forever and I hold on to it because you promised! ) 


So much time I spent writing this... Leave me here the words on your lips!!