"Arushi Ahuja"
Captured at Krishna Temple in New Delhi

Humanity is not in asking for your rights,
It lies in the heart of giving other's rights.
Rights are not the immoral demands of an unsatisfied man,
Rights are one's duty and another man's needs!

Religion is not a habit of praying for 5 minutes everyday,
Religion is in the service of the deprived!
Service is not in expecting returns in any manner,
That is just work for which you asked to be payed differently...
Service is in giving all you have which you can give,
Also which is not against consciousness, reason or morality...

Deprived is not a man unsatisfied,
Deprived is a man of needs...

Sentiments are more omnipresent than actions,
And actions more than things...
If service by things is not in your ability,
Service by sentiment is the key to happiness...

Happiness is less in relishing the world for yourself,
And a little more in enjoying others happiness,
And far more in making the unhappy happy again!!
For once if you are sad for the others sadness,
You shall never need to be sad for your own!

If you can't give them anything else,
Give them Love and Care,
But Love is not so much in making the loved happy,
As It is in doing what's good for them...
Lover is not the one who favours his love in the wrongs,
But the one who corrects the flaws as they come...

Flaws don't make people bad forever,
For who is there so flawless in the world?
Be the change you want to see, 
And experience the change in the world!!

Abuse not what you have,
For everything you have is given,
And hence its Not yours to Misuse,
Be it the Mind, Body, Heart or Life,
People, Things, Food or TIME...
Don't pray for more,
For you can barely handle what you got...

Give in to the judgement of the universe,
And be free of all the cares and worries.
Believe in God only for yourself, 
Not to show the world you're a theist,
For you could be an atheist and yet be loved equally,
Given the same sun and rain, water and earth and air...

Love everyone equally or be a yogi
and care not for anyone including the self...
The world is a very giving place,
She considers us better than we are,
And less bad than we know ourselves to be!!

Late Swami Sharananand Ji #Early 90's to 1974

Inspired by the literature of Late Swami Sharananandji Maharaj
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Also shared with Poets United for Poetry Pantry!


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  2. Very true - A K SHUKLA

  3. i love the journey from rights, to religion to service to happiness to love to God...the lines contain some great truths of life...very well crafted Arushi :)

  4. Well written... an excellent point!

  5. Flaws don't make people bad forever,
    For who is there so flawless in the world?
    Be the change you want to see,
    And experience the change in the world!!

    I am slowly, slowly appreciating my flaws. Great poem! So wise and brimming with philosophy. :)

    1. No flaw can make us bad... we ar e only what we perceive ourselfs to be... think good to be good...thank you James.

  6. Great words of wisdom here, Arushi. I definitely agree we all have flaws which we can work on. And indeed sometimes doing the loving thing is doing what is good for a person rather than simply making them happy.

  7. There is a lot of deep wisdom here, Arushi. I especially like not asking for more, because we can barely handle what we have. Love the exhortation to serve others, as well - therein lies happiness.

    1. Thank you Sherry... if we all learn to use to best possible ability what we have we would not actually need any more..

  8. This is a very inspiring poem, Arushi. It is also very thought-provoking. I like the idea of not asking for more than we can handle.

  9. I can see that you have put a lot of thought in to these words - each stanza is carefully composed to carry the central idea forward. Powerful message in times such as we are living in.

    1. Yes Kerry... very much needed... thank you..

  10. Thought provoking poem, steeped in wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

  11. inspiring... a lot of things to ponder and work.

  12. Be the change you want to see ... very inspiring words. A great message of wisdom :)

  13. Truth of life revealed in a profound manner..very well penned ... :-)

    I love the photograph of the Krishna temple :-)

  14. really a very strong write...and so much truth in this....humanity is in giving rights to others...not taking our own....this poem is one you need to take and study...and then live....

  15. The real 'gift' is always to the giver. Well written and wise,


  16. very powerful poem with wisdom...beautiful Arushi:)


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