Why the Lion Ever Ate the Deer...


The King of the forest roams in the wilderness unquestioned and domineering. And he sees the Deer!
She is Beautiful... Those deep large almond shaped eyes, the glossy dotted coat in the shades of brown contrasting beautifully with the dark green bushes where she delicately nibbled at the lustrous green grass.. Her small slender frame highlighted by her nimble footsteps and her gracious movements as she jumps around elegantly, and playfully runs into a serene group of colorful birds disturbing their calm... The twinkle in her eyes as she curiously turns her innocent face to see where the soft rustle of leaves and the sound of rough and heavy breathing came from!
The King, rugged with age and yet young at heart, the One who thought everything he rightfully owned saw the magnificent delicate beauty and fell in over powering, unrestrained consuming love!
The last the beautiful creature saw, turned the curiosity in her eyes to abandoned fear as the forest King mad in Love, rushed towards her to make her one with him...


  1. so he ate him in jealousy, or curiosity, or love?

  2. a different yet wise take..
    never thought this way..

  3. don't know if it's true love..weird love i must say

  4. the king shall have what it wants...yeah....
    nice interpretation to a lion's hunting spirit

  5. its a new out look ... dats all i can say...


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