Papa Dear!

"Arushi Ahuja"
My first dance, My first kiss, My first bear hug!!
My first rose, My first valentine, My very first Love!!
Papa Dear! You hear me loud,
I have swung on those strong arms,
I played with your bushy moustache
of which you were so proud!!
I ruffled your best set hair
just before you went to work,
I knotted your tie queerly but
you happily took it along!!
I stole your pen and you searched around
for hours in your room,
not ever doubting your little one,
for she was your sweet bloom!!
And I grew up smart and quietly,
I din't think it through-
But you scared those awful boys away
keeping me safe and true...
I still don't know how to invest
the wages that I earn,
I still return to you 
for emergency funds...
You still trust me with your credit card,
even though I made a few loots,
This poem is also part of Sunday Poetry Pantry at Poets United !
You buy me ugly dresses 'coz they
travel to my boots...
Oh! Papa Dear! I miss those days
when I could clamber up your feet,
and fly like a little bird 
and sing to any beat!!
I miss the pink rag doll 
you got me for my birthday,
I called her Fatto for she was fat
and loved chocolate icecream!!
Oh! Papa Papa listen to me,
I am still your little princess!
So what if I am married now
and flying to fancy places!?


  1. This is a beautiful and sweet tribute, Arushi! Nice that you and your father were so close. I guess a lot of daughters are their dads' princesses.

  2. I really enjoyed this poem & the memories that you shared. Loved the details about the credit card, the pink rag doll, etc. I am sure your papa has these kinds of wonderful memories too. I hope you stay his 'little princess' for a long time to come.

  3. will always be his little princess...
    the image of the way you did his tie...and him still leaving
    happily with it that way, gave me a big smile.

    1. thank u brian!!! i still remember those days my father went out with a tie tied like a shoe lace! haha...

  4. So sweet and loving, what a beautiful relationship with your dad :)

  5. Hey Arush, sounds like you have a good relationship with your daddy. I wish I was you though but as a boy. Dads are very much needed in a person's life. Truth.

  6. Ha. Girls and their fathers have special relationships. They can be a bit proprietary on both sides. Comment working for me now-- from iPhone. K.

    1. thank u manic... i rechecked my settings!! :)

  7. So nice to still be daddy's princess. Loved this!

    1. thank u sherry as always for stopping by!! :)

  8. what a wonderful relationship - love shows in each line - K

  9. You will always be his princess and this is a lovely tribute to that reality,


  10. The relationship you have to your Dad is gold, my friend. Keep growing beautifully the bond you have for him & stay a good, lovingly princess to him. Happy Father's day to your one dear daddy, Arushi. Smiles.

  11. I think you make Papa proud!

  12. Very sweet... a lovely write. :-)

  13. oh you should see me smile... there's so much love and trust in this... and of course you will always be his little princess..smiles

  14. this is very cute and sweet Arushi....each word expresses love....a beautiful write :)


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