The Traitor!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Largest flag hoisted in the capital of India (New Delhi).. A country of beautiful sunsets fresh streams... millions of people and as many cultures!! <<LOVE!!>>

The poets of the later age and bards of the world-
The story of fallen knights across the realms was heard!!
The brave at heart, the young heroes have fallen for the land,
The unsung tales, the brittle song echoes in the sand-
Of passion and courage, of victory and defeat,
Of love and bravery, of enemy at their feet!
Of betrayal, of memory, the remorse of the country
Of tailored blue uniforms and impeccable frenzy...

Oh! Poets, Oh! Bards you must write this unsung song,
For we must learn from history and pathos of our own...
The betrayal of a man for money and the riches,
The sorrow of the nations unrelenting wishes.
"We lost the battle! We lost the battle!" echoed through the fields,
As thousands of those brave men in the war bleed!!
In the hearts of country men painful spasms caused,
For we have been betrayed by our very own's flaws?

The city was razed, men and women were killed,
Children beheaded, the country's blood spilled...
For even a witch like Medusa would forgive the little innocence,
But No, not them, Oh No! They had their hateful vengeance...
The Traitor later fled his country for another land,
A fresh start for him with riches in his hand!
At the cost of his Country, at the cost of his Own,
For a price he sold whose value forever was unknown...

the imaginary garden with real toads
This poem is part of the Sunday Form Challenge - Yeats Octaves at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. I like the majestic voice of the country's history ~ What a cost to the country, including the traitor's flight ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  2. it reads like a ballad...nicely done Arushi..

  3. I find it difficult to type a response here because this widget obscures the comment box, but I will try.

    You have chosen a very expansive subject for your poem and one which needs to be explored in the modern day, even as you suggest its place in a long history of betrayals. Your poem has a classic feel, and I am impressed that you went to three stanzas. I am interested to see that you chose to write in rhyming couplets. I read that Yeats modified the octave to suit his own purposes and your choice worked very well for you.

    1. thank u kerry... this is indeed something that happens even now... the modern politicians betray there country without much thought every now and then in a more subtle and sometimes even legal manner...

      btw i removed the widget !! thanx for the insight!! :)

  4. An epic approach to this.. to go with a dark subject like this and write about traitors is a alas a modern as well as a classic topic

    1. true that ... exactly what kerry said also... !!

  5. Wow! this one is brilliant...and with the Indian flag it gives more feeling

  6. a traitor, indeed. our world is filled with them, it seems ~


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