His Canvas!

"Arushi Ahuja"

Sunrise near Barlogunj!

I awoke one morning to find a little drop on my nose,
Of water or of pine sap I'm still quite unsure.
I coughed and sneezed as a chilly wind swept by,
The fragrance of the pine trees carried in a sigh!
I heard in a distance the song of many a birds,
Singing to the rising sun in many a different chords.
And then nearby was a small galloping stream,
Untouched and virgin, like a irresistible dream.
The rain drops from the stormy night lit upon the leaves,
Like translucent rich pearls on the fingers of Eve.
The smell of fresh earth filled me with memories,
As the vermillion of the rising sun filtered through the trees., 
The mesmerising beauty filled my sleep infected eyes,
The many colours of greens came upon me rushing by!
And I was dazed that early morning at the candid beauty,
Of God's very own canvas and His very own artistry!

Written for Midweek Motif at Poet's United!


  1. What an incredibly beautiful sunrise photo. I once witnessed one with such deep hues - amazing. I enjoyed your poem of early morning.

    1. its a bit uphill from my hometown!! beautiful place! thank you Sherry!

  2. Exquisite. Vermillion and Greens and dew and birds in one of those thrilling moments when "the lens of perception clear" and we can see Gods canvass right here in your poem. Thanks. It's one of those things I envy the daily riders.

    1. im sorry susan it din't really go with the prompt i realised later!

  3. You have painted dawn beautifully!!!

  4. your picture is just breath-taking....love that sun!

    you've captured the birth of a morning as vividly as the camera lens.

  5. Sometimes the world does indeed feel magical...i am glad we caught a glimpse through your eyes..

  6. I love this beautiful poem you've written :) And of course the gorgeous photo that goes with it!


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