"Arushi Ahuja"
Image Credits: Google Images.

A wind whispered past my ears
My ears think they balanced me
What is the climbing man doing there?
Why is he on my helix free?

I hear it again the wind so soft
The climbing man on a grassy tuft
Wasn't he a few moments past
Climbing up my helix fast?

A smile upon my round face,
From eye to eye and up a pace,
My whiskers flutter in the silent wind,
Do you think a cat can sing?

It can smile for sure! Why I'm smiling,
Am I a cat at all? Confusion piling
The wind again like a restless wave
The smell of heaven in a cave!

Is the man on top of the cave?
I wonder within my smiling face!
Why am I smiling if I'm a cat?
I HAVE WHISKERS! Oh God! Flipping hats!

Hats? What hats? It's a windy day
I like my whiskers to flutter away!!

Smiling Again!

Written for dVerse Poets!


  1. ha, cute write... i dont know about a cat singing, tho. They sure are adorable

    1. well thank you anthony... the reward of being high- cats sing! :P

  2. So fun. I like that you wrote in the first person of that poor cat and that sudden transition to flipping hats!

  3. awwww....this poem is so cute! Perfect and wonderfully written.

    I love this piece by you. :)

  4. Lovely Arushi, gave me a smile or two, loved the way the images and ideas flowed throughout your poem.

  5. ha. someone had a bit of fun with this one...my cat was so proud of himself today...he caught a rabbit...it was a mess...but he brought it home to show us...oy....fun piece....

    1. for the record, i did not find this silly at all...never put your words down..
      we need all flavors...the sunlight and the shadow...i enjoyed yours much...
      it reminded me of the happiness i have with my own cat...
      even when he is just following his nature...smiles.

  6. loved the rhythm of this and I bet cats can sing and hat or no hat - a very good poem!

  7. What a delightful poem to read ~

  8. Like Dr. Suess on peyote--the cat in the hat did not realize it was just a cat, & for every hat removed, two more took their place; great fun throughout, no poetic darkness in this one; just smiles & feline shenanigans.

  9. well.. i love a cute cat poem..and this one truly grabbed me with pause...hope you have a nice cat loving day2!and smiles..;)!2!

  10. You got a superb balnace there between Dr Seuss (a genius) and Mark Twain, who famously said ''never swing a cat by its tail!'' - superb tone and rhythm in this excellent irony and theatre of the absurd - which is a very difficult art.

  11. The day I found I had whiskers and could use my tongue more creatively.. I would enjoy being a cat

  12. oh..such a fun poem..loved it Arushi:)


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