Little Feet!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Not the same shoes really!!
I went shopping one summer afternoon,
And hit upon a pair of shoes,
Block heels, Faux leather,
Straps and laces, brown in colour!
I fell in love quite stupidly,
Bought them in a bit of hurry,
And woe Dear, they won't fit me...
They lay abandoned in the closet,
Long forgotten and disregarded,
Until my curious little cousin,
Found them fitting to her pleasure!
Brown and buckled, laces and heels,
All so perfect on her little feet!

Written for Poetry Jam!


  1. Very sweet, Arushi. We do regret these on the spur of the moment purchases but nice that you found someone who,liked theses shoes and was happy to have them.

    1. ya m glad too!! would have been really sad to have them to be a waste!!

  2. Perfect take on the prompt. And it's so true: one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Loved this fun piece.

  3. a cute poem Arushi and so perfect for the prompt...

  4. Love the poem! Shoes becomes a treasure for your cousin, hurray!

  5. Excellent poem really works and quite perceptive, Well done.

  6. Well, it is so good that someone else was able to make good use of the shoes you had thought were treasures but turned out not to fit. Glad they were treasures for her, and I am sure this made you happy as well.

  7. Sweet treasure for little feet!

  8. Sweet... I'm glad they fit your cousin's feet!

  9. Ha! Glad the perfect match was found :) Really fun take on the prompt.

  10. Funny and sweet! I'm glad those shoes found someone who could wear them and didn't turn into trash. I wear the clothes my mum used to wear when she was younger - they no longer fit her and they're a treasure to me. Delightful write, Arushi!


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