~Live Time~

"Arushi Ahuja"

Written for MindLoveMisery's prompt!
Also shared with Poet's United for Poetry Pantry!
Mysterious crooked crone,
Wrapped in layers of tattered shawls,
Trudges upon the muddy road,
Makes her way to the wall,
Where I stood hunched and deeply thoughtless,
Not looking nor waiting,
Not working or watching,
Just standing there quite pointless...
I din't really notice her 
Until she was nose to nose,
And scared the living crap
Out of me and I jumped on my toes!
A bony harsh finger pointed
disagreeably close to my eye
she advised me not to stand around
And waste my precious time!
I shrugged and stepped back 
Then turned around and ran,
As her creepy shrill voice,
echoed ominously behind my back!
"You mark my word Dear child of God,
For you shall regret this day,
For some day there will be no time,
for leisure, work or play!"
So true she was, so many years ago,
Now I sit and think in my bed,
For time is just what is short,
As I await my approaching Death,
In despair, no leisure, work nor sport!


  1. Some wonderful thoughts to contemplate Arushi, but one thinks there is much to be enjoyed before the day of death arrives. Well done.

  2. There is a wonderful lesson in this wrapped up in an amusing story fabulously done!

  3. Wonderful poem showing how advice can seem scary and wrong when first given, but later, resonates with a different sound, but the same advice.

  4. I like that your poem is so many things at once: a story, a fable with a moral, a flashback and, of course, a poem. Well-done!

  5. A wonderfully story framed in verses... :-)

  6. How very frightening really. Interesting how something like this stays with a person for years to come. It seems to me that the woman was a bit crazy!

    1. well its only a work of fiction mary!! she probably was crazy though giving advice to strange passerbys!!

  7. It catches up to us all at some point. My father suffered a long period of decline and loss of memory before he finally passed. I pray I won't endure the same fate.
    My collaboration with the notorious Cheesemeister for this prompt is here.

    1. dear tempest i hope it never passes for you ... thank you for stopping by!

  8. When it comes to the ending, I hope that is a fabrication, you are so young, time opens before you generously.......I can see the old crone...in fact I likely LOOK like her, hee hee.......this poem has a powerful message.

  9. Not enough time now that death (or a deadline) is coming close ~ I enjoyed the story ~ Lovely cadence to your verses ~

  10. That old crone has got a busy time ahead poking her finger at so many more people. As we lay dying we will regret not what we have done but what we have not done. Brilliant post Arushi.

    1. true that... leaves us to wonder how much more we Can do!

  11. a fabulous story Arushi and great truth of life....love the message of 'not enough time'...how true...i feel sometimes i don't have the time to die even :)

    1. yes Sumana... the popular hindi phrase often used "marne ki fursat nahi hai"!!!

  12. So much to take away from this write....Thank you for sharing this lovely write Arushi! :)

  13. This is a very powerful narrative, Arushi.

  14. No regrets for leisure time or play . . . . unless the regret is not enough of taking advantage of it.

  15. Very effective message in this narrative format. Love!

  16. Time goes by quickly indeed! We must do what we enjoy, even if it is just standing still. Your blog is beautiful as well. I love all the color!


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