"Arushi Ahuja"
Image Credits: www.toonpool.com

He perched upon a throne so high
Unable to see Just below and under
Stood so many of us in fury and wonder
But not at him, at his ghastly blunder!
He once vowed with his palm facing us
That he would abide by Constitutional Laws,
But taken by power and riches and lust
Greedy politician betrays the voters!
And excuses run in his every syllable
As he tugs along the weight of his crimes
that makes him into mostly a criminal,
Corruption, murder, larceny for a dime!
Teeth gritted and shaking with blue hatred
We loathe the laws he propels on us
For his very own profit is catered
Leaving us with soggy crumbles!
"It's a blunder, you Idiot!" we think
again and again we shall never vote for you,
But lo! He plays the political game,
And there! he wins the elections again!

Written for Margaret's 'Play It Again!' at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!
I have used two of the three challenges given by Margaret that I'd never written for before:
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
Thank you Margaret, Grapeling and Kenia for such an interesting prompt!


  1. Yes, we are blind and stupid to vote for them again and again ~ In Toronto, we have our own Rob Ford who is running for re-election again as Mayor ~ Tell me Toronto if you are stupid enough to put him back in the saddle after so many scandals ~

    1. dear grace!! i think it is the same story everywhere... congress ruled in india for 10 cont years with countless corruption cases on them!! really sad!

  2. They play us like musical instruments, don't they? I think it's because so many people are too lazy to inform themselves of even their own best interests, and just respond to the Pavlovian buzzwords politicians know so well.

    1. maybe its that or maybe people just dont know whats right for them!

  3. Ouch. It does hurt to be lied to, played with, stolen from and then pretty much laughed at. *shakes fists*

    1. it does magaley!! thats what politics is all about it seems!

  4. Seems true everywhere. Politician is a four letter word.

    1. true that! they all fool us... very few very rare gems in this feild!

  5. Rant worthy indeed, you bring many great points to light here and used the words well, Arushi.

  6. … quite the zinger of a poem and spot on. They are all around the globe - They play a tune and too many people "dance" without thinking. Nicely played.

  7. we continue to let our eyes be fooled, and you've painted this so well ~


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