"Arushi Ahuja"
Papa Bear after a bath!

And here is an apology for what may have been,
For what rests unknown, dark and unseen.
It was a mistake, I assure you of my honest intentions,
I did not mean to hurt your feelings, or damage your emotions!
My heart did weep along with you,
But you could not look in my tear filled eyes, No!
Too filled with sorrow and engrossed in yourself,
You failed to notice how I loathed myself,
To bring to you what never should have been,
If only I was ignored by your kind being!
Please find in your dear heart to once again forgive,
How undoubtedly foolish and insensitive I behave,
For if it were not for your love and care,
I’d truly be lost in this world so unfair!


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  1. A heartfelt apology is sometimes very hard to come by.

  2. I love the last few lines. They are tender and open and honest.

  3. Odd how people, especially parents, want it all one way. My dad actually told me once "If you heard me you'd be doing what I said." He forgave me when I asked. I say that because of the way your poem shows territory where the speaker has been wronged, and yet it is the speaker who apologizes. Very important to have humility.

    1. i think you're right susan... humility is what a person might fail to teach though by being stubborn about their own opinion...

  4. An honest and heartfelt apology.. just like it should be..

  5. Apology of the heart and no excuses - wonderful.

  6. This is wonderful, Arusi.. But in the real world there are two sides to almost every misunderstanding.
    Parents? I will never forgive my dad. I loved him but still there is only one side to brutality and abuse.
    Worse yet, he never asked for forgiveness.

    1. I like your bear find. I am thinking that it is an older one. Mrs. Jim gave our Adi a very old bear, maybe over a hundred years, to comfort her as a puppy. But latter as a frisky young dog, she tore it up. http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/2012/08/adis-retirement-six-word-saturday.html
      Adi died two years ago, on September 17, 2012. http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/2012/09/six-word-saturday_21.html

    2. i like the bear ... it was gift from one of my friends with whom i am not in touch anymore... part of it was my mistake... the other part well misunderstanding... i guess i can only apologise... but friends can never be forgotten!

  7. Often it is difficult to apologize and really mean it. This piece speaks a heartfelt apology.

  8. Those who can apologize are the real courageous ones.


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