Pink Hairbands!

"Arushi Ahuja"
School friends...
Paper planes and chocolate under the desk,
The darling teacher ranting about some test,
And Swoosh! it lands right where it's aimed,
My best friend is now in trouble and blamed!
But she won't be taking the pinch alone,
My darling teacher will find my secret note,
And dismiss me in rage from the class as well,
And we'll stand outside till they ring the bell!
But Oh! what fun to share the secret,
On a paper plane whizzing past the teacher,
In a secret language, an unchallenging code,
Made to irk the teacher or to feel old...
We giggled behind our little plump hands,
Standing outside in our skirts and pink hairbands,
No care for looks or wannabe dresses,
No care for makeup or frizzy, untamed tresses!
And our darling teacher spots us again,
In the corridor together having undeserved fun,
She scolds us till our faces turn red,
Then gives us the chocolate under the desk!
Lunchbox and notebooks and even handkerchiefs,
Shared in love, anger, innocence and mischief,
And smiling across the room at each other,
A wink to understand the plans made later!

And best of all was running back home,
In the warm embrace of my very own dear mom,
And telling the tale of teachers, tests and friends,
Complaining about the homework and pink hairbands!

Written for Poetry Jam!


  1. hey an understanding teacher is great...and even with a scolding, which we need as well...but understanding goes a long way...we used to pass notes...but not as a paper airplane...i knew that for sure would get caught...ha

    1. The whole idea at times was to get caught and skip a lecture ... standing outside with your best friend is not even a punishment... :)

  2. your words are dancing with the happy memories...aww passing notes is done worldwide.. :)

  3. Luv it the paper planes brings back a lot of memories, have a nice Wednesday

    Much love...

  4. How sweet to have had such an understanding teacher! Nowadays at high school level passing notes has been replaced by sending texts. The art is to do it so the teacher won't notice and read them as subtly. And teachers are not as naive as they may seem.

    1. Well Gabriella... as far as i know mobiles are still banned in schools here... i guess the notes still work :)

  5. You have really captured the feelings of a schoolgirl in your poem, Arushi, by getting right inside of her heart and mind. As a former teacher, what you say about the behavior of young girls rings SO true!

    1. As a former student i was able to do it so well.. thank you mary...

  6. smiles... but did you tell you mom about the paper airplane?

  7. This was fun to read. Wonderful feel to this.

  8. Ah, carefree school days and innocent pranks! You have written this well, Arushi, I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Fun! Now really, what kind of a punishment is putting two friends out in the hall together!

    1. True that... i guess some teachers are just cute enough to let little kids hav a bit of fun... :)

  10. I lived my school days once again through your write Arushi.. :) Beautiful write! School days were so much fun.Lovely picture too!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Your poem is so full of energy and love I can feel it through my computer screen. Darling Teacher is the sweetest ever .....

  12. Lovely words, Arushi... so many special memories!


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