~Clapping Man~

"Arushi Ahuja"
Citizen Kane Clapping!

Long ago on a planet far off,
Maybe it was Neptune,
I forget, forgive my ageing loft!
I saw a man, he was quite a loon,
How do I say that, you ask?
Because he clapped too soon!

No music, no chords,
No rhythm, no cause,
And yet he went on and on,
Clapping and clapping,
'Coz he couldn't stop!

He sat on a stool,
His eyes wide open,
He never could hear,
The clapping of thunder,
As if he heard an unending opera,
Or watched cricket with too many overs!
Day and night he clapped his pink hands,
Never to stop, never understand!

-Like I said he was quite a loon!
-Yes I think he lived on Neptune!
-Oh! You don't believe me, do you now?
'Coz am old and frail, my back hunched low?
-Oh! Go on stupid girl, giggle while you can,
I once went to Neptune and met loony Kane!
Some day when you find him ask him of me,
He will tell you the truth, you wait and see!!

Written for d'Verse Poets!


  1. haha...what a character eh? just randomly clapping....smiles...perhaps he hears his own music in his head eh? smiles. ha. youhad me chuckling through this...

    1. maybe!! or maybe hes just crazy !! but even i wondered after i reread this what he could possibly think of?

  2. smiles... i do believe you...this poor man... imagine you're totally off beat and just cannot stop clapping...hands pink already...oy... i hope a fairy tale comes by and kisses him so that the curse is broken...smiles

    1. yeah! i never thought of that ... youre right ! maybe he IS cursed!!

  3. I can very well imagine Kane leaving for Neptune.. just as well as being caught in the dream of Rosebud... great imagery..

  4. I applaud your effort Arushi, very well done, very entertaining and engaging.

  5. You have created quite a character, Arushi! I enjoyed the tone and the narrative.

  6. Great clip of Orson Wells. Random clapping ...ha!

    1. thank you Rellantanda!! found it somewhere in google!

  7. Very creative response ~ I love the story and will definitely asked him about you, smiles ~

    1. Well Grace!! thank you... although id think the old woman would be my gramma!! :)

  8. What a fun story. This made me laugh! Quite a loon indeed!

  9. I believe you. Poor man. He was probably enjoying life.

  10. You are inexhaustible; had to scroll past several newer poems to get to this one. There is a lot going on in this piece; something tragic, absurd, mad, yet perhaps existential; for you picked Charles Foster Kane, played by Orson Welles, himself a tragic figure; clapping alone when his untalented girlfriend just completed a terrible rendition of an operatic aria. A brilliant take on the prompt, I say!

    1. I'm sorry Glenn! I do think I linked the specific poem in Mr. Linky! I had no clue of the story behind the picture! Just that it belonged to Orson Welles! found it somewhere on Google! Thank you for the insight!! :)

  11. This was great! I kept scrolling back up...is he still clapping??? I like the line "No music, no chords,
    No rhythm, no cause". He is quite a mystery, isn't he? Love this.:)


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