Talking to a New Born!!

"Arushi Ahuja"
I met a new born calf (one day old) at Vrindavan and couldn't help but choke it with hugs.... 

Hi! Little One so soft and pearly,
Your mother from afar is a little worried,
That I might snuggle you too hard,
So soft and gentle as you are!

She knows me well but she trusts me not,
For once I lovingly hugged her a lot,
She mowed and cried till her throat went soar,
Glared at me later like an angry boar...

Haha! I laugh even now when I think,
Of those benign eyes in anger blink,
For sure she can't be much angry with you
Let me kiss and let me cuddle too...

Don't be scared don't run away,
So shy, so quaint, so small and frail,
Scampering on your little hooves,
You might get hurt Oh! please don't move...

I will follow you around the little green lawn,
I'll hold your tail in fondness, dear one!!
I mean no harm, please come to me,
For you are the right size for bear hug, you see!!


A monologue written for a prompt by Kerry at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!

the imaginary garden with real toads


  1. This is adorable! I'm sure I'd want to cuddle so sweet a creature too.

    1. yes Kerry... she was very very Cuddle-able... ;)

  2. But you really attack him... :)x

    1. haha... humbird... i really wasnt trying to scare the poor thing but oh so cute she was!!

  3. aww..this one is a cute poem Arushi...

  4. I have seen those jealous moms. Long ago when I was around new born calves and kittens and birds, I learned to let the mother get her scent on those babies before I touched them. But this one seems bigger, and your poem loves and wants without force. I feel the urge to bear hug too.

    1. its a one day old baby... not really that old but not a new born either... susan you should see the way the mothers glare... its ALMOST frightening!!

  5. I would, too!! I love the soft and gentle, endearing way you speak to this sweet calf. :)!

  6. Almost as lovely as a newborn lamb.
    Sweet write.

  7. …always need to watch out for Momma! :)

  8. This is so incredibly sweet! I love it :)


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