Cookie Theif

"Arushi Ahuja"
Wonderland in Dubai!
"Did you steal the cookies again?"
My mother furrowed her brows,
That in itself scared me and I lied-
Shaking my head in denial,
My mouth stuffed with one too many,
And a few in my hands behind my back,
As many a soft little plump hand can carry!
My mouth littered with sprinkles 
And the whiff of chocolate around,
I gulped and swallowed one aloud!
She crossed her arms standing tall,
Scary and beautiful much like my doll,
I gaped at her as she pierced me with her eyes,
Waiting for me to give away the lies...
I think she got tired and took me to bed,
Where I ate the rest of cookies till I slept!


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. The lie is a nice end, Arushi. Had the truth been told punishment, or a stern talk, would HAVE to follow. Some things aren't worth getting worked up about if there is an easy way out.

    1. NYC here has a nice Hershey showroom in downtown Manhatten. It's a fun place to visit. London has a neat M&M showroom, fun too.

    2. i love to visit this place in Dubai... this and candylicious... Pure Heaven!!

  2. Neat memory of a theft not very satisfying in the long run ....

    1. not everything is satisfying Susan... somethings are just worth remembering for the beauty of the moment!

  3. No price is too high to pay for really good cookies!

  4. Your poem is sweet and funny and real!!

  5. Classic cookie jar lie!! Fun one!

  6. Ah, the innocence of childhood lies!

  7. cookies are made to be eaten, right? :) ~

  8. Awww - I've been on both sides of this one. Good capture.

  9. Who can resist cookies and chocolates ~ Good one Arushi ~

  10. ah...a lie we have all told at one time or another...this was a delightful read! Thanks for posting to the Out of Standard!!!!


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