The Northern Lights

Captured enroute to Dubai, a Huge CB and it's golden lining
The silky waves on the dark sky,
The colors of the rainbow in the dead night,
I havent seen them yet I hear,
The beauty of the Northern Lights...

Do you know how they come to be?
Its a secret, a real fantasy...
The magic rises from the earth 
And lights the sky in its mirth...

The magic of the ancient times,
Rises in roaring colors to the sky!
The magic of irresistible Love,
And the joy of dreams come true...

The magic of a lightened heart,
Of sweet gentle sound of a laugh,
And that of a twinkling eye, 
Of the beautiful loving new bride...

It rises all to the sky,
In vibrant colors called the Northern Lights...


  1. heyy good one :) i have a dream to watch the northern light someday with my own eyes :) :)

  2. still wondering what is....Amórith Cûthalión....
    nice lines...


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