"Arushi Ahuja"

A tiny Twig Snake in Mangalore Zoo!

Slipping and slithering,
Engulfing little Jerry,
Squirming and flexing,
To digest the quarry.
Boneless and twisted,
Venomous and viscious,
Coiling to rest,
Crushing to death!

Coiled thrice on Lord Shiva,
Depicting past, present, future,
Vasuki reminds of three cycles,
Of life's timed out nature!
Prayed by many,
And never killed,
Hiding in cavities,
Cold blooded and still!

Sneaking upon a prey unaware,
Little fools roaming without a care,
Are engulfed within a single strike,
Swallowed in one wholesome bite.
Be careful this monsoon,
Watch your carefree step,
Hop above but do not trip,
Else the resting serpent flips!!

Written for Midweek Motif for Poet's United!


  1. For a minute there I thought you were talking about our Prime Minister.

  2. All the characters of a snake describer aptly!

  3. Powerful poem of a powerful predator--in the animal kingdom and in the separate realms of gods and humanity. I think the monsoon is like a snake striking--so is a factory fire. I wonder which is more indifferent to the fate of others? I wonder if a snake kills for fun, gain, or just for food and protection? The more I think about snakes, the more I realize I need to think more!

    1. Protection i think susan... Animals rarely kill for fun... Nature is kind... Thank u...

  4. This tripped along so wonderfully..but certainly a sting in the me jumping and I live on the second floor!

  5. I sure wouldn't want to come across one of those. Your poem so aptly describes this venemous predator. Made me feel the creeps a bit, though we don't have those here.

    1. I hope you dont... They have a rather moody nature i think...

  6. Typically of a snake variety most appropriately stated! Wonderful write Arushi!


  7. I imagine you see them more frequently during monsoon season......ours stay mostly out of sight, thankfully.

    1. They are common in india... Can be seen in cities also... Sherry ... Thank you...

  8. this was another good one out of you! I enjoyed its rhythm and humor too. Good job!

  9. i like that middle a bit of the history and mythology of snakes....
    i try not to kill them...just move them along when i come upon them...
    i bet the rains do drive them your feet for sure....

    1. Killing snakes is a bad omen amonst hindus brian... Brings bad luck... Thanks for visiting...


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