Egoistically Lost (Presumed exaggeration of self-importance)

The attitude problem or the ego issues... Sometimes we want to do something and the only thing that stops us is Ego. Circumstantially it's not exactly wrong to have it! There is a small yet ongoing difference between Ego and Self Respect! Many times the two things are confused not just by oneself, but also by the second person. Consider this (a very common example): I want to call a friend but they never call for whatever reasons! Now egoistically I may not call them considering they never called... That probably would make you loose them forever! However, I can call them as and when I want to have a conversation. If they greet me well, I know they want to talk, then why to even think twice? Thats what I do... But you know what, it has it's drawbacks... Like the times when your friend starts taking you for granted and gives you the unexpected feeling of loss of self-respect... Like the times when they think that they can say "I am busy" as and when they want and you won't feel bad because you're soft... Like the times when they ignore you thinking you Will come back... Like the times they think they are too important to be lost! They should understand that sometimes it's hard Not to come back and yet it's probably not the hardest thing you might have done... They should understand that you might leave one day without notice because it was not that you were dumb, but mostly because you cared, so you called... They should understand that making up for their lack of care is not equivalent to loosing their self respect but maybe loosing some of the worthless pride they have... They should understand that one day everyone leaves and they just bring themselves closer to that day with that immature ego... They should understand that ego has no place in a friendship... Never had, never will...


So much time I spent writing this... Leave me here the words on your lips!!