Bestest Holi Ever! (2014)

"Arushi Ahuja"
I know this comes in a little late, but it's been long overdue-
I nodded in mute despair. Mr. Husband just informed me he din't get a leave on Holi!
My plans seemed to be trickling!
Whatever happened that day was never planned and happened with the sudden surprise of Joy, dance colours and songs...

Started the day looking like this with Mr. Husband having coffee at Costa (chhoti Holi)

Chhoti Holi at home with mother-in-law painted blue by our neighbours!!
Last moment we made a road trip Vrindavan- the city of colours! Here Holi is not a one day occasion!! It's celebrated for the whole week... Colors every where and Krishna bhajans echoed across the city!

Mom with that absurd expression, papa busy on the phone, with Prempal and Premchand (I always get confused as to who is who) in Vrindavan

Mommy trying to convince papa to let go of the phone!
And now it's Mommy busy on the phone!!

A cute calf and me coloring her!!

That cap was a Holi gift!!
On our way back to Delhi from Vrindavan we came upon a Aryasamaj Gurukul, Manjhavali and what followed was a complete chaos! A Holi so full of colours, and rain dance, loud songs, hot music, so much of dancing, so much of laughter, a complete transformation from looking normal to looking like a leprechaun, lots of gujiaa and the raucous of about 50 kids trying to paint us in every color possible!!! I had so much fun I'll never forget!! :))
Mommy, me and the headmaster of the gurukul who was woken up from his mid afternoon nap with a slush of coloured cold water by his students!!

colors so Bright!!

Oh! thats me in the centre and right of me is Mommy and we all are sooooo Happy!! :)

Right after this the head master (the most colorful guy in the centre) was dragged by his students and thrust into a puddle... I guess they wanted to vent out their revenge for all the punishments in that one day!!  Was fun watching though!! ;))

They were amazing!! :D

Dancing (Weird pose) :/

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