The Girl And Her Flowers!

"Arushi Ahuja"

The warlock of the haggard hut,
Sat on a seat shabbily cut,
Hunched his shoulders, smouldering looks,
Thinking of the wretched crooks...

He was passing a village near the forest,
On the bricked roads of the country he spotted,
A little girl collecting flowers,
A woe on her cheeks in the unlikely hours.

The warlock watched as she worked fast,
Her golden head a small shadow cast,
Upon her swift and weathered hands,
As she plucked the flowers again and again...

She looked like a forlorn mistreated fairy
Her rugged knees, hazel eyes so heavenly,
They spoke of distant hopeless dreams,
Of bygone lands and faraway realms!!

She looked scared and yet adorable,
Her hands were fast, her work impeccable,
She snapped her head to look around,
Every time she heard a creaking sound...

The warlock went over to talk to her,
She looked at him with her watery eyes,
She stood up like a frightened fawn,
Took a step back on the grassy lawn..

He had only so much as opened his mouth to speak,
But she ran away like a lightening streak,
He followed her to a beautiful castle,
And witnessed a snobby woman hustle...

She first glared at the little golden girl,
And then upon her a stone she hurls!
The furious warlock cast a horrible spell,
What came of the snobby woman no one can tell..

He rescued the little girl from there,
And sat in his lonely haggard house,
As he watched the terrified silent girl,
Drink her soup and sleep like a mouse!


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