A Day In Ocracoke!

"Arushi Ahuja"

Once upon a time behind the picket fence white,
between the overgrown grass and the red roses wild,
a line of clothes drying in a breeze from the west,
Stood a pretty red house, worn out and patched!

In this old house lived Tommy, his sister Maddy,
And chubby little toothless golden haired Teddy...
Their Wampus Cat Buringhum would purr and mew,
Feeding on the Russian Rat and tumbling the stew!

The charming plump mother would run around shouting,
Mommucked by the cat, baton in hand and cursing...
Fat Burhingam knew the Token of angry love,
As he clumsily climbed the top shelf above...

Tommy searched, as they played meehonkey,
Teddy found in the backyard, still looking for Maddy!
Maddy hid in the cupboard and curled up and slept,
Until noon she became quamish, came out and wept!

For Tommy was searching no more for her,
The boys playing in the lighthouse without a care...
Tear stricken she waited for her Papa to come back,
And tell her annoying tale sitting snuggly in his lap.

Papa came at sunset from the Silver Lake after fishing,
A flounder for dinner and victoriously beaming...
The mother kissed him, Maddy ran to hug her Papa,
She climbed his arms as the dirty boys scampered around...

The dinner was cheery, Burhingham forgiven,
Fresh soup and flounder and hot bread in the oven!
The happy O'cockers lived in quite Ocracoke,
Away from the filthy city and unpleasant smoke!

the imaginary garden with real toads

This poem is written for Artistic Interpretations at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads for life on an Island of Ocracoke!


  1. Hello there, I like the way youtake us on a journey through the images with an entire family in attendance.

    1. Hi jo hannah... m glad you njoid a day in ocracoke...

  2. Arushi, I really like this narrative poem. It reads so easily, especially after reading Margaret's descriptive prompt of Ocracoke. You used so many of the terms she said, I didn't count, you may have used them all. Your fictional (?) O'cocker family is THE BEST!!! [I had thought of doing something like that but didn't have enough time to do it right like you did. I did use the rats and the Russian rat--nutrias--as the basis of my poem (??)].
    Again Arushi, I loved it! And smiled a lot. :)

    1. Thank you jim... and yes it Is fictional... lovely to hear from you as always...

  3. A day in the life! Fantastic and how fun to use the brogue. Thank you for rising to the challenge!

    1. Margarat... whata lovwly challenge... the pleasure is all mine...

  4. You've created some wonderful characters here and woven in the list of words and images wonderfully. Excellent job on this challenge!

  5. What a beautiful story using the images and terms, you brought it to life with darling characters.


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