The Rise of Evil Queen!

"Arushi Ahuja"
The Faerie's Rise!
Perched atop a fragile beauty,
Dark yet mesmerising rise,
High above the common Faerie,
Powerful and evil queen alights...

Once a beauty, once a joy,
A frivolous doe eyed creature,
Gentle, helpful, a little coy,
Of good, an ardent preacher!

A past so hideous, scary and harsh,
Of loved ones betrayal and deceit,
Turned her vengeful and crass,
Arose from ashes, the evil queen!

Written for MindLoveMisery's Fairytale picture prompt!


  1. I love your poem -- the change from sweet to evil goes with the darkness of the prompt.

  2. Great take Arushi, enjoyed this one, evil queens work well for me. Well done.

  3. Really gorgeous!


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