The Unexpected Yellow Road!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Sunrise over Singapore.

A few seasons ago,
I was hopping down a farm,
The fields were golden
the ears full and long,
Scraping along my waist
some caught in my frock,
Hopping along the farm,
hoppity hop hop hop!

Trotting in my little,
glittering red oxfords,
I hit upon the unexpected,
Yellow paved road.
Amusingly stretched,
Penetrating the blue skies
So far ahead,
Far far ahead!
Tripping and trotting,
Trot trot trot!!!

Long beautiful infinite,
Unexpected turns,
Unexpected travellers,
A lion, scarecrow,
A metal tinman.
Looking for something
Each did not have.
Me? Me just tapping,
Tipping top top top!!!

Yellow roads leading to
Whiskered old
Sneaky and snobby,
Flying high above!
Magic everywhere,
Friendship on the way
Little yellow brick road,
Of many a stories untold!
Magic wands loose,
Swoosh whoosh Woosh!!!

Written for Gabriella's prompt at Poetry Jam
Susie's prompt at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!

the imaginary garden with real toads


  1. you know the greatest gift on that road was were the friendships found....much more than what they thought they needed to be whole....

    1. True that Brian... what they thought they dint have they found in friendship...

  2. Beautiful poem! :)
    Read my Prompt here:

  3. One never knows where one will end up when one travels down those unexpected paths! They can indeed be magical journeys.

    1. Yes ... mostly good things and adventures I think Mary!!!

  4. The variou creatures along the way...

  5. unexpected to be found on a journey is an exciting experience...nicely done Arushi :)

  6. Magic and stories on a journey, the is quite captivating and very well done,

    1. ThanÄ· you alan... derived feom wizard of oz...

  7. Magic everywhere!
    Such a joyful lyrical piece!

  8. luv your take of that 'yellow brick road', have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  9. Yes, the yellow brick road is magic. Love your take on the prompt. Leaves me smiling. Thanks for participating!!

  10. Sweet take on the prompt, Arushi. Even if our journeys are not as unexpected as Dorothy's we should still welcome and enjoy them.

    1. I wish I could have s similar journey though
      .. thank you Gabriella..

  11. Nice Arushi ~~ The poem today made me think of when we were skiing in Colorado and took the lift to the highest peak so we could have the best view. But coming down was only black, the very hardest of trails to ski.

    Mrs. Jim crashed and had to be rescued by the rangers. They helped her get to the Yellow Brick Road, a service road that took a contour so that vehicles could reach the top. It was fun skiing down it, it went slow and easy. All this background in my mind helped make yours read easily.

    1. What an adventure jim... sorry about mrs. Jim though.. I hope she was awryt at the end of it all... thank you for reading jim...

  12. Dorothy certainly did find the unexpected on her trip through Oz. In the end she did just want to go home though.

    1. Peggy no matter how much you travel one always wants to go bak home to rest... true that... thanks for reading..

  13. "little, glittering red oxfords" trotting down that "yellow paved road" - charming and whimsical. A lovely piece of writing.

  14. This is delightful, Arushi. A great take on the prompt and the Wizard fo Oz! I very much enjoyed reading it.

  15. Lovely and joyful piece of writing! It leaves one smiling. I loved it, Arushi!


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