The Soldier!

"Arushi Ahuja"

My Father-in-Law (Col. Alok Chaturvedi) along with his comrades at Siachen Glacier

He followed a dream, a religion, a passion,
Of guns and bullets and raging ammunition,
He dropped his fear, he raised his head, 
To protect His country he marched ahead!

A sister's tear, a mother's pride,
The blatant fear of his alluring bride,
He left his house fully armed and dressed, 
To wage a battle against His Country's dread!

Who says he has no awe and fear, 
Who says he hasn't shed a tear?
For he is a human, And yet a Soldier,
A smile on his face, a duty on his shoulder!

His barrels are full, the booms are heard,
The distant howls of shots that were fired!
The ferocious war sends a shiver down the spine! 
And yet he runs out in the rush of adrenaline!

He hits them hard, he hits them strong,
He hits them mightily all night long...
He never thinks about his mother or wife,
Only what he trained for all his life!

He rarely thinks of the beautiful days,
The lovely mornings, the dusky bays,
For he sees just blood and bitter revenge,
The reckless carnage of diplomatic resent...

His wife awaits, His mother cries, 
The new born forgets his fathers guise,
The brothers brood and sisters worry,
But the Soldier commits only to His Country!!

'Vande Matram'

Dedicated to my Father-in-Law
Col. Alok Chaturvedi

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  1. I don't think I could manage a military life - on either end of the equation. It seems so remote and against the natural order of things.

  2. Arushi, this is a strong and beautifully penned poem. You really have characterized your father-in-law very well and perhaps the 'universal soldier.' I think anyone who becomes a career soldier has to be a very strong and committed person.

    1. yes mary!! the commitment required is challenging in itself not to mention the job!!

  3. To lead men into battles and assume efficient leadership, one must be strong, selfless and fair. Your father-in-law seems to be such a man. An excellent poem, Arushi!

  4. it would def be there are def times i do not agree with the direction of the country...a soldier does not get that choice though...they are an extension....i def appreciate those willing to give their lives for our freedom...

    1. And protection brian... I wish there were no boundaries... a free world!!

  5. An excellent tribute to a warrior.

  6. We dream and live safely because of the great sons of our motherland guarding us day and night....great tribute Arushi....

    1. Yes... a country like india being constantly under threat soldiers make us safe... they gaurd us with their livea...

  7. well captured the mindset of a soldier. in battle one does not think of the sunrise or sunset with aesthetic vision only whether it will expose him or her to the enemy? he does not think about his family back home only concentrates on having his buddies back


  8. To be thus transformed.. a crucial sprocket in the military machinery.. I find it frightening in a way and we really have to trust our leaders that the correct enemy is identified... but still the soldier has to be respected for what he does... well penned.

  9. I think warriors are essential for our survival.

  10. Both Mary and Marco sum it up beautifully. It is a dichotomy.

  11. ah yes stalwarts of history and futures, these braves must be remembered,

    'Sunday Savvy' at my blog is now a meme is about Sundays so remember to drop in and linkup any Sunday

    much love...

  12. He sounds like a brave soldier. I especially liked "a smile on his face, a duty on his shoulder!"

  13. This was so beautiful beyond words. I rank it high amongst my faves this week. Thank you for the entertainment and the passionate story beneath it. Applause!!!

  14. Scary, indeed, how the job can take on obsessive characteristics. You create this feeling well by giving him so much else to love.

  15. He is brave soldier, but I wish for his return home to family and peace for the country...


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