Wingadium Leviosa!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Sarolta Bán

I swirled upon a cardboard box my Phoenix feathered wand,
I flipped and swished it through the air and turned it all around,
And murmuring a bit in mumbled voice I tried to cast a spell,
"Wingadium Leviosa, Wingadium Leviosa", I repeated like a knell...
But to no avail my cardboard box lay quite flightless in front of me,
Frustrated and quite angry I slammed it with my feet!
And out popped two sturdy wings gasping for fresh air,
Pearly white and light yet strong flapping strenuously with a flair!
My cardboard box rose a little and for a moment I believed
That magic I could do from my Amazon bought wand, so cheap!
And then the beautiful white swan released from the box,
And rose up in the air disturbing the stillness with her winged chaos...
The dust from my attic floor rose up in her wake,
And twisted up and curved, like a cyclone in a lake.
I stared aghast at the royal thing as she frantically searched around,
Looking for a door, a window or any escape route!
I sprung out of my bewilderment with a dust filled cough and sneeze,
And quickly went and opened up the window and let in some breeze...
The beauty saw the endless skies and heedlessly swished past,
Flapping hard and furiously to meet the open skies at last!
I watched it fly away for while dreamily from my window,
Then packed my wand and went back to the real world below!

Written for MindLoveMisery's Photo Challenge!
Also shared with Imaginary Garden with Real Toads


  1. Lovely Arushi. One never knows what might occur when one flashes ones wand about incanting a spell or two.

  2. This is magical Arushi!

  3. What a wonderful purchase it is that brings magic to one's life!
    Thank you for visiting The Netherworld and for your kind words.

  4. ah do we have to go back to the real world? i was enjoying the magic....smiles...
    what a cool find as well...i need to see if i can find me one of those wands...

    1. yeah Brian... i wish i had one too in real time!! ;)

  5. Here's my "Like" :)

  6. Ah yes, a most delightful tale of the many lives upon a magical wand ..... may the adventures continue.

  7. A chance to free a spirit can never be taken lightly, real world waiting or not. I've got to look for the wand--no, I'll look for the wings and the open window.

  8. Lovely magical story... maybe you should visit the attic at least occasionally just in case you have another spell in you : )

  9. Ask me how badly I want to sweep your poem of its feet and turn it into a short story? This is so much fun!

  10. the pace of this poem is wonderful.. but the story even better.. how can humor be so beautifully done?.. But we should be careful with swans.. they are quite big birds :-)

    1. yeah!! and I dont think theyre as delicate as they look!! thank you Bjorn! :)

  11. Words honed to beautiful image, each rendering the other more complete.

    I had a yearning for a next verse - the one where the wand is commanded to send your Spirit to ride with the Swan - and the adventure you unfold with eloquence is the antonym of all that dust in the attic.

    Yet, this verse helps me see how a Phoenix could be delivered in the 21st century, and the contemporary form of metaphorical ash, attic dust, is exactly what gets engaged to attend its rising.

    1. beautifull... what an idea... maybe i should rewrite it with an additional verse!! thank you!! :)

  12. beautiful imagery and the magic we surround ourselves with.

  13. Oh the power in an Amazon wand....gorgeous imagery

  14. O the magical play we had in those attics of childhood. The are still worth a visit now and then by our poetic souls. :)

    1. i suppose they are worth a visit!! with swans and wands in not so pretty places!!


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