Poodle in a Cauldron

There is a time in everyones life when the best things seem worse. I speak of one such time... a phase of my life that is still not past...
What I was staring at was definitely not a Poodle. It was more like this North Indian dish called Kadhai Paneer with cottage cheese and bell peppers flavoured with fenugreek, ginger, garlic and many more such aromatic spices all added to make it delicious and absolutely irresistible, served delicately on spotless white platters by a courteous staff of a posh restaurant in Mumbai with all the intentions of making my mouth water. On the contrary, I stared at the ornamental servings as if they had managed to serve me a live Poodle in a Cauldron. Ah well! Like I said it happens... I was paying something like 500 bucks for a good meal, only to find it as disappointing as the usual ones I have at the roadside restaurants. One might say my taste buds have failed me, or yet another might say that it is rather my wits that have failed me, for that particular restaurant is rather known for the food they serve. Either ways I've lost taste in not-homemade-food. Everything served in hotels or restaurants give no delight to me, whatsoever. It always seems the same...
I reflect back on my past when all this might have been a treat for me... well earned after some good results in some board exam, or in celebration of one of the many special days of the year, or then again simply because everyone in the family was bored of eating the same food at home. This last reason , however now seems the most unintelligent cause to eat out. But then again, the turnips in the neighbours garden are always larger and richer. A common thing seen amongst us... "What others have is better than what I have!" The root of all unsatisfaction!
Besides, Change. Change is what all of us want in all phases of our lives... we crave for it unknowingly. When we get plain old Rajma chawal at home we want Kadhai Paneer in a posh restaurant... and when we get the Kadhai Paneer everyday it seems nothing more than a live Poodle in a Cauldron!


  1. welcm to d bloggers wrld sweetheart..skills of a prof nt a amateur!!

  2. good work.... continue...
    hope you become the worlds biggest blogger....

  3. hey thanx guys!! hehe !! prof lol!!
    and yeah biggest blogger too!! lollol...

  4. Kaptaan Arushi Ahuja from Deharadun . . .very good . . .liked what you wrote and happy that you are now Back into the writing . . .and it is so humble to start a blog . . .very nice . .who knows one day you will be a profound writer

  5. well written.. so simple yet so deep!
    good going!

  6. hey ya !! thanks people !! thank u for the motivation!! :))


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