There And Back Again...

Mom and me Selfie :)
When I finally reached home I was tired to the bone!
I had not exactly slept well in anticipation of the coming day, had woken up early, put my singular room into array, gone to the office to attend the boring lectures of my training, rushed back home at 3 o' clock, packed my luggage, only just managed to catch my flight to Delhi... At Delhi it took some time to find the cab I had hired to Dehra... finally I was on my way to my hometown. The road was a mess... the journey was a bumpy ride and a tough one. Which means I did'nt sleep again this night! I had hollows under my eyes... my hair was haywire... and I was restless, sleepy and concsiously unaware of my surroundings...
With a sigh of relief I set foot at my place finally after a whole tedious day and 8 hours of  journey.
My mom rushed at me... All of a sudden my breath left my frame, her silent heartbeat resonated in my veins, her gentle yet strong arms engulfed me in a huge whirlwind of emotions, her soothing voice filled my brain, her soft smell pushed away all the nostalgia of the past three months into the unknown and I was not tired anymore... This is all I came back for and my journey was worth it....


  1. hey . . .so emotional . . .liked what you wrote when u met your mom . . .aww . . . . as i was reading the first para , i was expecting something really amazing thing . . .and here it goes . . .wow . . . .should have included about the smell of home n food and about dad as well . . . aroma n lights of home . . wow

  2. hey!! thanx yar!! next tym all o dat!!! :)

  3. heyyy dats so wonderful ur thaughts reflect hw good n simple ur ...amazinginly good...sooo u started learning sumthings frm me after all dis while

  4. hahah!! yeah all frm u!! sure!! lols!!


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