My Birthday!!! :)

Hand made chocolates gifted by Rahul More

There is a beauty in the expression of friendship... like they say 
"Miles away cant keep us apart,
'cause you'll always be in my heart."
Alone in my hostel my 22nd birthday would have been the loneliest had it not been for all those super crazy people I call friends.... Let me also add it was one of the most amazing birthdays I had so far... At precisely 0000hrs on 19th of January this year, I cut the most delicious and unexpected cake of my life ... a Veggie Delight Sub with no cheese and extra olives with three friends singing Happy Birthday on a conference call... It was awesome... :D
One of my best friends actually came all the way from Pune to be with me on my Birthday...
One of my friends played a birthday song on his guitar and mailed the recording to me.... ( much later but i love the way my birthday goes on and on and on...)
And I got HOME made chocolates with my name on them for a gift...
Could it have gotten better? :D


  1. good to hear you had such a blast!! and happy birthday on a conference call... now that's real fun!!
    so are the home made chocolates the ones in the pic?

  2. hehehe... thanx ya!!! :D yeah theyre the ones !! amazing they are !!

  3. hey . . .did u miss out . . .
    ummmm . .
    fresh , Customized,filled with Caramelized Nuts and Jelly , name written with White Chocolate etc etc etc . . .about the chocolates ?
    wow!!! and that cake was really an interesting one with that conference call making your b'day a real special one . . hudreds of Nautical Miles away from Home . . . . .

  4. Whoa.. you express it so well girl, i need to take tutions from u!!.. great job!

  5. how sweet is tat........lucky to hav such frds

  6. :)) ppl !! yeah!! rahul i guess yeah u dint leave nythni out so now every1 knws!! varun yeah lucky me !! :) anuja cmon girl u do a better job anyday!!

  7. GR8 BDAY IT SEEMS !!!
    GUD YAAR TO have such frnds


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