The World's Best 'Pav Bhaji' !

Air India Batchmates on our trip to Bhiwandi cramped in a car
There is an amazing number of ways in which this post can start... the subtle one or the funny one, the tricky one or the adventurous one... but let me start simple...
It was the day we went to have the worlds best Pav Bhaji!
There is a village on the outskirts of Mumbai called Bhiwandi, and there in the village is a small shop famous for its Pav Bhaji... or so I was told.
Its not unusual for us to be free a little early from our classes at times, and today like many other days we got free at 12 in the noon. The latest news was that our major test (TRTO) had been postponed to some unknown date in the end of the month that definitely made us beleive it was not so important to study for a few more days after all... a feeling that is assuredly contagious and infectious in a way. This particular feeling actually almost drives you to the crazy edge of your reasoning where you start to beleive that having fun is the most important thing, even if for that you have to travel right across the world!! But thats kind of besides the whole point....
Anyway, with this particular fun frolic mood we, that is six of us left for Bhiwandi!!
The drive was definitely fun, what with the loud music, the raucous laughter, the super fast driver, the best singers of the batch, the loudest talker, the silent invisible fellow and a gps tech guy who is also a great photographer on board the car, the 49 kms drive was an amazing experience!
We finally reached the place with all the expectations of filling our empty stomachs on large happy helpings of THE Pav Bhaji ... but sadly it never happened. The shop, we realised was closed. It apparently opened only in the evening! But honestly that did nothing to kill our enthusiasm for some reason !! And dats the best part of it all...
With the same mood for fun, and not to mention quite hungry we turned back all set to make it a day!! We ended up having a late lunch at 1700 hrs  at Pop Tates, a restraunt famous for its snacks. The sizzlers were splendid and so was the Virgin Pinacolada and the Amor Icecream to end with...
Tired and finally drained of the crazy frolic mood, courtsy to our safe driver we reached home...
But nothing ever ends so easily for me... Even now as I pen this down my safety is endangered!! Well, you see I had promised my friends to get them the worlds best Pav Bhaji packed... but I could'nt. So I have been actually threatened to be bashed up by this big huge guy tomorrow and accused of having stolen their Pav Bhaji ... God save me... So much for being nice and promising.... :)


  1. lol i can say thank u for saying karan is a fast and safe but yo parantha girl strikes again hahahahahaha love the threatning part by arjun vaidya who wnt to the gym jus so tht he cud eat hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. yah !! well the bashing part will be done by yadav tho!! and dats even worse trust me!! and also he plans to bash up all of us u knw!! so u gotta bak me up here!! :P :(

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  4. YADAV raja hota hai mehmaan ko bhagvan samajta hai...hahahaha....

  5. Yo!!!
    u din't mention about the most 'comfortable' seating that was there . . . ;-) . .well thanks it was rahul tayade and not vaidya or yadav ji .....
    and nothing about 'su che su che . . . . ' . ;-) .. huh . . . someone's gonna get super disappointed
    and do call me when these people bash u up . . . want to see that sight . . .RoFL

  6. haha... yah i'll call u rahul!! so much for backin me up !! :(
    bisht nice song!! hehe...

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