The Orphan Thrust

Photography Courtesy Capt. Rahul More

When I leave those two levers on the central pedestal unguarded by mistake, my instructor calls the situation "Orphan Thrust".
Two HUGE engines producing 27,000 ft-lbs of energy which actually means it produces 36,600 newtons of force to move the bulky baby through a distance of just one meter... And well, as you might have already guessed no flight lasts but a few meters... To call this live beast an Orphan? Well... well... one might want to reconsider!
She soars through the skies like a majestic queen, so alive, so frighteningly fast, so dominating, so unearthly... and yet so true!
She sucks in the very air in her heart, flaring up to cut through everything, dead or alive in her path soaring with the glory of a victor...
The Orphan Thrust is sure dangerous... :)


  1. my instructor used to hit me on my hand in the TB...........the back of my hand used to be red by the end of the flight!

  2. v nice.. guard d thrust baby.. n d thrust levers u hv here luk awesm

  3. n hey tht ws me..nidhi

  4. lol!! ohk!! thanx!! picture courtsey- Rahul More!!!

  5. Hi, nice to see a lever which help pilot to keep awake b'cause it ....does it produce sound too

  6. papa there is hell lotthere that keeps me awake.. not jus that lever .. haha... nah it does not!! the engine does tho!! :)

  7. hehehe
    i witnessed this Dialog :-)
    Orphans . . . lol
    i must call them deadly Orphans .
    i love the photo . . . it was taken by Nokia 5800 Rahul's phone . . .;-) with some editing o crs
    probably Boeing should stick a placard there "Play at your own Risk"
    and all that you said . . . am yet to experience
    but am sure , it gives you strength , makes hands feel powerful

  8. yes very true!! and yeah i forgot the courtsey!! ull find my post edited now!! :)


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