Every Moment Full Of Colors!!!

Water colors
Painted Meera
Painted Butterfly

Among the various ways in which we try at times to please ourselves when everything else seems boring in life, we forget colors... You do not have to be a painter to fill in those blank white papers with vibrant mix of paints!
When, slowly and with deliberate movement of the brush an amateur like me fills the canvas with those beautiful fresh paints, the very feeling of watching the stark whiteness melt along with the vibrant so called art, strikes a chime of joy in the sad or monotonous heart... Every stroke brings in a smile, every shade a pleasure to the eyes...
I am no good at it and yet I do it for pleasure... Just a little effort to be happy!!! :)  


  1. Budding talent i must say!!! Awesome!

  2. inncocent nd still vibrant...given justice to colours through ur words..little efforts...:)

  3. Its really nice...althoguh that everything else appears boring part I dont like coz I cud be a part of that...:(
    Good work girl...keep it up and keep it posted..!

  4. hey nice paintings . . .eh arushi
    and what gives them a better look is the texture of Canvas . . .
    is that why you wanted butterfly's photos ? ;-)

    and why is Meera (or whatever) so angry ? :-P

    good good

  5. you paint good...
    i love the bright mix of colours...makes you happy somehow...


    butterfly's my fav!!

  6. thank u!! thank u!!
    @rahul yeah dats y i wanted butterfly and she aint angry shes jud kinda sad i guess..
    @bhowmick merci monsieur.. and the butterfly was also my first !! :D

  7. u r as much a Rembrandt with colours as with the controls


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