The Silence Must Be Heard...

"Arushi Ahuja"
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The open seas, the setting sun, the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea captured from Mangalore, Karnataka.

The Silence Must Be Heard
And the fall might be curbed!

The dried wilted potted plant silently prays for the gift of water,
The famished little African boy quietly cries of hunger!
A beautiful damsel, her eyes cast hopes to not be openly groped,
The little furry white lamb plays peacefully, is unknowingly mowed!

The leather in her high heeled boots screams quietly of barbarity,
The blood red colour on her lips was tested inhumanly...
The stump of a tree the man sat on, sang of the past glorious days,
The sound of dripping water around, warns of ill-fated dry bays.

The tear in the three winter young eyes is hushed by her master,
The prayer of the hopeless woman is unheard by the monster!
The snivel of a little baby is unnoticed by the fighting parents,
The whimper of a loyal dog is overlooked by the suicidal student...

The rustling leaves of the lone tree in the desert speak of a tragedy,
The toxic fumes of the machines quietly spread the calamity!
The savoury smell of someones barbecue stinks of cruelty,
The parched lips of the shabby old man mutely plea for sympathy.

The smoke in between his fingers searches for a happiness,
The alcohol on his thin pale lips pucker for heedfulness.
The crumpled paper in the bin expresses the fall of a tree,
The smoky chimney on the canvas speaks of the future unforeseen...

So many things, so many people, so many little instances,
Speak so less and yet so much in their unheard silences.
If only you could hear them talk, if only you would heed their wish,
If only you could feel the woe, the world would be a beautiful place to live...

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  1. Your title sums up your powerful words beautifully. But the reason our world is so loud is to drown out the silence that most don't want to hear. Tragic.

  2. life and nature are filled with unheard symphonies:) beautiful

  3. My soul just whimpered a little...

    1. sorry Magalay!! we are all part of being the ones who dont hear as much as we should... we should all be good listeners!! if only!

  4. this is beautiful, have captured the essence of being human.

    stacy lynn mar
    very thought-provoking read. loved your comparisons here with humans, god, caterpillars. excellent!

    stacy lynn mar

  5. so many slices that cut us... ~

  6. We must hear the silence...we must be moved to do something other than the nothing that seems to be a horrible normal...amazing piiece

    1. Thank you Susie... if only we were listeners...


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