~ 13 ~

"Arushi Ahuja"
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13 is a number with better consequences,

I follow it truly for my lucky chances...

A childhood memory takes me back to 13, Old Balbir Road,

Of primary school and paper planes and my pale green toad!

Of a lot of friends and games of cricket, of the 13 runs I made,

In a single over and no wickets was my biggest cricket achievement!

It brings me to my 13th spring when I changed my school,

Made new friends, read more books and learned the new cool...

It was the 13th year of my life when I first met my future Love,

But at the time it was mostly just books and friends and a learning curve!!

Oh! blessed 13 dear people fear you in vain,

In unknown dread and hateful spite, unjustified disdain!!

For you have been my lucky charm, my fortunate blessed karma...

Posted for the prompt at Midweek Motif ~ The Number Thirteen at Poets United.

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