"Arushi Ahuja"
Defy the gravity,

Rise to the universe,

leave behind,

the customary curse.

Burst the inhibitions,

crave for more,

Fresh ambitions,

there is much to score!

Move forward 

a step at a time,

No room for cowards,

Not a spare Dime!

Struck by lust

of power and gold,

Chained by thoughts

of lost and old!

the imaginary garden with real toadsEver so close, ever so close,

Reach out yet again to lose!!

This is written for the Word List at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!


  1. I like that moving forward, one step at a time ~ Ambitions though need to be fueled more than power and gold ~ Good one ~

    1. thank you heaven... i think some ambitions are merely fuelled by hunger for power and money leaving people corrupt... although you are right too...

  2. "Chained by thoughts
    of lost and old!"

    Gripping lines...

  3. Nice poem, Arushi. I agree, generally the search for riches and glory is illusive as the goal keeps on getting higher and higher.
    BTW, I also discussed defying gravity in my post this morning. Different subject though.

  4. Thank you jim.. ill be sure to stop by...

  5. Your photo and words grasp perfectly, step by step as I read. Bravo.

  6. Rise to the universe,

    leave behind,

    the customary curse....

    These lines are very potent. I like the way your words lead the reader on the forward path.

  7. uplifting :) and seamless use of the list. thanks for joining ~ M

  8. I love the sense of carpe diem in this, and also the smile behind the words. Lovely.

  9. I love how your photo pairs so well with your words~ Yes, we need to be reminded! I love how you used the list-especially those chains!

  10. leave behind the customary curse… We often do think that we "can't do something for many reasons. And just because we fall, does not have to mean failure. Nice.

    1. Yes margaret... Try try till you succed -just like the old proverb....

  11. Chained by thoughts is a good line.We are prisoners of our own limited thoughts. Interesting concepts you explore in this one.


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