Digging Diamonds!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Image found Here!
Living a mortal wealthy life,
Never to die in hunger or strife,
What would you know of our grieves,
As we labour for every single meal?
In the depths of earth digging for you,
The precious glittering raw jewel,
That sits now on your delicate finger,
Adorned in gold, dazzling shimmer,
Given to you by your lover in fire
Of passion and ego and sensual desire!
That same stone, my lovely lady!
Once rested unadorned muddy and dreary,
In the depths of far away African lands,
Where I slave only to save my hands,
From being ruthlessly slashed away
By rich men, much like your fiancé!
Oh no! Don't get me wrong Lady,
Who am I to blame your princess-like story,
While I here struggle to keep me alive,
My children lost, my missing wife,
My world covered with earth and sweat,
Digging and digging, yet no rest,
Surrounded by many a slaves like me,
Hopelessly wishing in vain to be free, 
Others just gave away any remaining hope,
To ever come out of these dark potholes...
If only you were to forsake these diamonds
For love, humanity, another's wounds,
Maybe I'll see hope as well,
But for now I have none to spell!

Written for Midweek Motif at Poets United!


  1. Always worth thinking about where our jewels come from...the best gifts are ones found - little pebbles...pieces of ribbon...well said Arushi!

  2. You have captured their plight so well. Awesome write, Arushi!

  3. Arushi, would you please email me at WildWoman2@shaw.ca ? I have something to ask you, kiddo.

  4. Wow! Take on those Diamonds! I really like this turn in the middle:
    "Oh no! Don't get me wrong Lady,
    Who am I to blame your princess-like story,"
    The awareness the oppressed man has of who benefits makes his story so much more poignant. And his "If only in the last 4 lines is a simple truth. He must work. We must boycott.

    1. And maybe it will give him hope susan!! thank you!

  5. I'm not a fan of diamonds, either ~

  6. Yes, this is why I have never wanted a diamond. Well-written reminder of the high price we pay for diamonds. I especially love the lines "If only you were to forsake these diamonds For love, humanity, another's wounds..."

  7. sad...i was talking to my boys about blood diamonds the other day....sad that we still have slavery in this day and age as well....

    1. Really sad brian... its horrible... I loved and hated that movie...

  8. Arushi, I am so glad you commented at my blog, so I could see this work. When my husband and I became engaged, I told him bluntly NOT to buy me a "blood diamond." I handed him my mother's engagement ring, which was willed to me, and asked him to resize it. He was trying to work up the nerve to tell me he could not in good conscience BUY a blood diamond. Good match.

    I have walked the high side and low side of the economy, but the thought of slavery is so revolting, especially as it exists side by side with (and companies often owned by) the same "rarified" upper classes. I've written about child slavery, prostitution, trafficking. This, told from the man's point of view, is just as heartbreaking. Thank you for reminding me I need to send some emails to Congress and tell them (again) to get off their butts and ACT. Namaste, Amy

    1. Hi amy... thank you for commenting... you seem to have aperfect match.... I very frankly however amy was quite unaware of the slavery behind diamonds and the pain in each stone until I saw tthe movie.. it left me aghast and weeping.. for days heartbroken and in pain.. sadly by then I was already engaged and married and gotten my ring... I couldnt have imagine buying myself such a henious crime again ever... I boycott! Thank you for commenting amy... love.. be sure to send those letters!


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