"Arushi Ahuja"
Elizabeth Taylor, Set of Giant, by Frank Worth!
Swinging in circles,
Ringing the bells,
Clamour around,
Glamour in a spell,
Its a circus! a circus!
My dear friends,
And we are the puppets,
In Nature's hands!
Angling our perfect
body contours,
Hips popped and
Busts raised too,
legs apart in a perfect stance,
ready for Hollywood's
perfect dance!
That's what it is,
It's a living breathing movie,
Where people are actors,
And there foolery a story,
Where props are scattered
At every unknown turn,

It's what we make of it
In our own run!
We make stories of love

passion, heroism,
horror, cruelty, victory,
documentary and  fiction...
And we are the heroes,
and the villains too,
We are the brave hearts
Or the unnoticed few!

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 231!


  1. i love that we are all bravehearts!! xx

    1. most of us are!! thats how we get through life anyways!!

  2. Oh, I loved reference to circus so much...who we are, but acrobates for sure... :)x

  3. Life is a circus in nature's screen, indeed. Now let's hope for more than fifteen minutes.

  4. Very Inspiring, so well written , it occurs to me while reading your words that Liz was one who stood outside the circle ...not always a place of safety , cheers mate

  5. Ah, each life is its own movie, isn't it? We can form our own plot as we go along.

    1. And be our own heroes... cheers to that mary!

  6. You have defined her perfectly!


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